Could the high cost of car insurance be putting young females at risk?

taxihailingA survey carried out by price comparison website has revealed that thousands of young women are putting themselves at risk by accepting lifts with strangers or with drivers who’ve either had an alcoholic drink or used recreational drugs.

Around one in 17 women (6%) aged between 17 and 25 who are non-drivers have on at least one occasion accepted a lift home with a virtual stranger.

More than one in seven (13%) have been a passenger in a car driven by someone who’d had an alcoholic drink or taken recreational drugs.

However, nearly one in five young women who don’t drive (18%) has also experienced violence, aggression or harassment directed at them or another passenger whilst using public transport.

Over a third (36%) of young women non-drivers responding to the survey said that driving and car ownership was too expensive and 38% said they could not afford driving lessons. A quarter (26%) said that they felt they had less freedom than their friends with cars.’s customer insight manager, Claire Peate, said: “There’s no doubt that learning to drive and getting your first car can be an expensive business, but it seems that some young women are taking risks with their own safety because they can’t get around as easily as their friends. Parents will be alarmed to learn that thousands of young women and teenagers are accepting lifts from people they hardly know, and are also being driven around by people who are possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“For many the alternative is to use public transport, but there again our research shows that young women have experienced aggression or harassment directed towards them or another passenger whilst using buses and trains.

“Young women, and indeed anyone, on a night out should follow some basic rules for staying safe. If you’re with a group of friends, stay together as much as possible until you’re home. Do not accept lifts from strangers and if you are offered the chance of a lift home by a friend make sure they’re in a fit state to be driving. Keep some money aside for an emergency taxi home and never be too proud to ring a parent or friend and ask them to pick you up. They’re sure to be much happier you called on them than for you to take a risk with a lift from a stranger or a drunk driver.”

From FOXY’s point of view the exorbitant cost of car insurance has a lot to do with this, thanks mainly to the 2012 Gender (Mis)Directive.

The consequences of the high cost of motoring

public transport policeKnowing that the number of young male drivers has fallen as a result of soaring insurance rates this is now our turn to be affected, regardless of statistical risk and gender safety concerns. Young females who can’t afford to drive are damned to potential harassment or worse when using public transport and occasionally taxis, are damned to isolation if they live in rural areas and damned if they then rely on richer friends to drive them home, who might take risks.

What is a young girl to do to have a social life? How is she to keep her job options open if she can’t afford to drive to move on in her career?

The insurance industry needs to think this one through again because cherry-picking rich young drivers isn’t the right way forward nor is it any guarantee of safer drivers or lesser risk. Quite the contrary it seems.

FOXY Steph

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Depreciation, not fuel economy, is the real cash killer

Photo ack:

Photo ack:

Those of us who focus on fuel economy when buying a brand new car are wasting our time and money apparently.

The real cash-killer is depreciation according to experts in this field CAP Automotive.

Consumer research consistently encourages us to consider the cost of filling up with fuel. But choosing a car that holds its value delivers much bigger savings over time than fuel efficiency alone.

According to CAP’s unique car ownership cost figures, the average cash value lost by the typical medium family car bought 3 years ago is £12,559 – and rising.

Less presumably the discount you negotiated at the time of sale?

Whereas the same cars, driven 12,000 miles a year, have only burned an average of £4,000 in fuel.

Ford of Europe's Easy Fuel SystemUsing this example CAP suggests that depreciation has cost the typical motorist 3 times as much as they have spent at the pumps.

“The problem is that motorists think there is nothing they can do about depreciation” said Philip Nothard, CAP’s Retail & Consumer expert.

According to CAP’s free ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ calculator the total expenditure on fuel over 3 years for a typical medium family car ranges from around £1,600 for a super-efficient hybrid to around £5,700 for a performance coupe in the same ‘lower medium’ car sector.

But depreciation in the same sector ranges from about £8,000 over 3 years for one car that delivers standard mpg to more than £23,000 for a car that boasts unbeatable fuel economy.

For example CAP figures reveal that the least thirsty plug-in hybrid costs around £1,500 at the pumps over 36,000 miles. In contrast, a standard-engine Ford Mondeo 1.6 Graphite costs much more to fill up, at £5,000 over the same distance.

This means the Mondeo owner will only lose about £10,000 in depreciation over 3 years while she who diligently saved at the pumps in her expensive hybrid will wave goodbye to a whopping £34,000 when she comes to sell or trade her car in.

Sound advice we say. In a nutshell it makes sense to put depreciation on your new car buying homework list, especially when CAP’s ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ tool is free to use at their website. Alternatively if you buy a used car that’s more than 3 years old, someone else has likely paid the depreciation, so we’re back to looking keenly at mpg, VED and insurance groups to save a welcome bob or two.

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New FOXY Lady Drivers Club video

I’ve been meaning to use video for a while but I’ve kept on putting it off for fear of this becoming an expensive head and shoulders sort of interview, us trying to pack too much in one or not knowing how we might ‘animate’ our FOXY Lady….

Excuses, excuses I know; so I never got round to it.

But we were tempted to have a go by the new hbtoo website because of their style and similar philosophy to ours ie an expert, different and low cost service – so here is our starter attempt.

Click this link if the above video doesn’t display

… and now we’ve had a go, we’ll probably have a few more in future; explaining our female take in a similar style when it comes to buying cars, garages and insurance services. It’s all about knowing where the best deals are, which ones are genuinely female friendly and what other women drivers think too.

So watch this space.

FOXY Steph

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Who dares nominate a motoring brother, husband or Dad?

Williams FW35 RevealA new BBC One programme is looking for drivers who need a motoring makeover for their future safety and that of the rest of the motoring public. Clearly this won’t include FOXY Lady Drivers (!) but we’d like to encourage females to nominate men to be sure of a fair gender balance here.

First of all I wondered why the BBC had contacted us. My initial thoughts were negative; what if the programme turns out to be one of those that humiliates and laughs at those that are prepared to be on TV for that very purpose… But was I being too sensitive and short-sighted even?

Could a genuinely serious motoring programme REALLY challenge the Top Gear formula by helping others improve their driving skills by visual example and would this make for compelling prime time TV?

I next wondered what sort of person is happy to be singled out for motoring attention. Doesn’t the fact that they’re willing to be on TV skew their genuine motoring ability somewhat… and isn’t it more likely to be women than men who admit to wanting to improve their driving? Come to think of it, did I know ANY men likely admit having motoring failings? Although Dad you’d definitely be on my Top Ten list…!!

Men needed

nominateThe fact is that neither I nor the casting company can be sure how many men or women will be prepared to admit to motoring failings but to balance the gender formula here I’d like to encourage as many MALE NOMINATIONS as possible.

So here is the information we have about the show.

If someone you know is game for having their driving ability scrutinised by a team of experts (to benefit watching motorists who can learn as a result of their experience…) then please get in touch with the programme planners via [email protected] or call 0207 424 7676 with your contact details as soon as possible.


No matter how terrible their driving our team of experts believe they can turn them around?

Do you have a family member or friend whose parking is so perilous you can’t bear to look and find yourself bracing for that loud bang? Do they think road signs are just a suggestion and before you know it they’re driving the wrong way down a one-way street? Perhaps they’ve had so many bumps and scrapes their insurance company is on speed-dial?

Do you find yourself worrying every time they get behind the wheel? Maybe it’s because they drive too fast or are too easily distracted that their eyes aren’t always on the road. Are you concerned that their ranting and raving behind the wheel will get them in trouble one day? Well help is at hand.

If you know someone who could improve their driving skills – we’re offering unique, tailor-made training to turn any driver into a model motorist.

For programme updates

For programme updates please Follow or Like Farrah at Twitter or Facebook. or

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Continental Tyres visits Tyretraders new premises in Minworth

Tyretraders Minworth 20140327_092636As proud sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Continental Tyres is embarking on a road trip around England, taking a little piece of Brazil to local football fans, including FOXY Ladies we hope, near Tyretraders new Auto centre in Minworth, Birmingham.

Continental is offering the chance for one lucky fan to win a pair of tickets to the FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil, by tweeting a picture of the road show truck when they spot it with #contiroadtorio.

The road show began in Liverpool on 11th March, and was launched by former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler.

Robbie said: “It is great that Continental are doing this, it can really unite everyone to get behind our boys, sending them messages of support and letting everyone feel they can be part of the team – plus someone will actually make it to the final!”

Peter Robb, spokesperson for Continental commented: “With Brazil a long way away and tough for most fans to get to, we’re delighted to be able to bring World Cup fever to the Midlands by working with It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Robbie, a World Cup Ambassador for Continental Tyres, scored nearly 200 goals in his club and international career and played for England at the 2002 World Cup. He kicked-off the ‘Road to Rio’ road show at the Albert Docks in Liverpool before visiting Alder Hey Hospital where he will be joined by Fuleco the FIFA World Cup mascot and hand out replica Fuleco toys to the youngsters.


Mike Director for said: “We are excited to host the ‘Road to Rio’ show at our new centre in Minworth and we’re delighted that Continental included us in their hectic tour schedule. It is also a great opportunity to show off our new facilities that will be open for business on Monday 7th April. We will be offering local and national customers a new level of customer service and access to one of the biggest range of tyres available across the UK”

Over seven weeks the Continental road show will visit hundreds of locations across England and give tens of thousands of fans the chance to get involved. For example they can send a personalised good luck message to the national team and to win prizes for themselves – including a coveted pair of tickets for the FIFA World Cup Final on Sunday 13th July in Rio.

Contact details: The new centre is at Beaufort House, First Avenue, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield B76 1BA.
To find out more about the Coninental Tyres visit please either contact Chris or Susan as follows: Chris Thrasyvoulou (Director), [email protected], tel: 0121 568 8000 OR Susan Thrasyvoulou (Marketing Manager), [email protected], tel: 0121 351 5353

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