Used Citroën car buying advice

Foxy ladies know that used cars don’t suffer the dramatic depreciation of new cars during their first few years. But you still need to do your homework carefully to choose the right car and a reputable used car dealer. A popular choice for members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club (and men alike of course) is a used Citroën. Women like them because they’re stylish and affordable with the safety ratings and green credentials that we expect and value.

The C1 baby in the Citroën range is a fantastic supermini which is easy to park and economic to run (60mpg+ taking a town and motorway combined average). It’s in the lowest insurance group which is important to young female drivers in particular who often find the cost of motor insurance makes car ownership prohibitive.

When you need a slightly bigger car, the C2 and C3 models are just as fashionable and zippy but they’ve lots of concealed interior space which probably makes them more practical for couples and families. If you are looking for a people carrier check out the C3 and C4 models badged Picasso or the original Xsara Picasso which is the ideal workhorse for multiple children, a camping weekend or a bedroom furniture trip to IKEA. And for any techies reading this, we’re told (by those who know more about engines than us) that their HDi diesel engines just go on and on…

Once you have decided your dream used car, it’s time to go shopping for the best deal. Always ask about the checks a dealer makes of their cars. The more inspection checks the better because you don’t want to end up with a car that’s been in an accident or that’s still owned by a finance company. You also want a sales guarantee that’s better than your basic entitlement in law – you have legal rights if something major goes wrong with the car during the first six months of ownership. But again, a longer guarantee suggests a responsible used car dealer in an industry with a high level of complaints.

Finally, always judge a business by the way they treat you, a competitive price and evidence of integrity. If you aren’t impressed at any stage, be prepared to walk away and find another dealer that is prepared to spoil you to get your business.

FOXY Steph