Winter weather driving tips…

winter_driving1It’s been more wet than freezing cold this winter so far but we’ve February to go yet so a few wintery driving tips for us girls can’t go amiss at this stage, just in case.

This time they’re from the excellent Girls Guide To Motoring website which we like.

Let’s start with some statistics to remind us what we may well have forgotten about winter driving. For example did you know that…

+ Drivers are six times more likely to have an accident during the winter months, with the numbers rising further when snow and ice add an extra hazard.
+ 46% of drivers have had a near miss on ice and snow, prompting 39% to say they feel unsafe driving during the winter months.
+ 47% of motorists admit to not checking their tyre tread before the cold weather hits.

So if that sounds like you – here’s some useful information that’s well worth reading as an aide-memoire, just in case the big GB freeze is ahead of us.

Basic checks to carry out before a winter drive

+ When the windscreen is all iced up, make sure you clear it completely before setting off – an ice scraper is the best way to do this (so keep one in your car!)
+ Make sure you check your lights are clean and working
+ Make sure your tyres have enough tread so they can grip the road properly
+ Check the pressure of your tyres (you can find out what they should be in your car’s handbook or the inside of the driver’s door)
+ Make sure your windscreen wash and radiator have antifreeze in them
+ Change any worn windscreen wiper blades

Some winter driving tips

Having prepared for a wintery drive, what safety precautions can you take to stay safe on wheels.

+ Reduce speed on slippery surfaces
+ Avoid harsh braking or acceleration
+ Allow up to 10 times the normal braking distance, especially on motorways
+ Use a higher gear to avoid spinning when starting off on or climbing hills
+ In a diesel car you can often climb slippery slopes or hills by putting the car into second gear, engaging the clutch slowly and let the engine run at idling speed – the car will climb slowly without use of the accelerator

Finally a check list for important things during bad winter weather

+ Ice scraper
+ Warning triangle
+ Mobile phone
+ Emergency breakdown contact details
+ Blanket
+ Oil
+ Jump cables
+ Food and water
+ Warm clothes
+ Torch
+ Spade
+ First aid pack
+ Cat litter – sounds odd but it can help grip the road and get you out of trouble if you get stuck
+ Maps
+ Jack
+ Spare tyre
+ Puncture repair kit

We hope we don’t need the likes of a spade, blankets or cat litter but it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. In fact I’d expect nothing less of a FOXY Lady…

FOXY Steph