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Keep the UK MOT and save lives

British women say no to the EU MOT planOn behalf of all women drivers… FOXY Lady Drivers Club is supporting the PRO-MOTE campaign to keep the safer British MOT model in the face of a real EU threat.

The UK MOT industry is seriously threatened by a lesser EU alternative. Despite one in three cars failing their first MOT after just 3 years on our roads and most of us too busy to maintain our cars in between annual tests thereafter, the EU is attempting to impose a regime that tests our cars every other year, starting once they are 4 years old.

Instead of what is known as the UK 3-1-1 model the EU is attempting to sell us their 4-2-2 version yet their roads aren’t as safe as ours. That’s madness.

Which will mean many more unsafe cars on our roads, an increase in accidents as a result (there are illustrative statistics to prove this) and ‘000s of jobs lost in the UK’s motor industry.

After banging on the drum and getting nowhere with protests made by FOXY Lady Drivers Club to our Sussex MP Nick Herbert (and tweets to Philip Hammond who was in charge but just about to change platforms) we now have a new Transport Secretary, Justine Greening. I don’t envy her having to get to grips with this and red herring issues thrown into the mix, like increasing the speed limit on motorways. Whilst VOSA is changing the existing UK MOT model to include other items…

This is the perfect scenario for this BAD CHANGE to come in through the UK’s back door whilst no-one is standing guard, so to speak. In which case, mark my words, the cost of this apathy will be lost British lives on our roads and MOT industry jobs.

Which is why FOXY Lady Drivers Club is supporting the new PRO-MOTE campaign alongside other road safety groups, motoring organisations and industry bodies.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to show your support and pass it on as a priority.

Please don’t think that others will do the right thing for you. You have to do it for yourself. If not, and the EU MOT model is introduced, the cost could be a life or the job of somebody you know. Because nobody bothered to do the right thing. That includes YOU…

Go on, sign the petition now please!

FOXY Steph

By all means see what I wrote about this earlier when I was canvassing support about the UK MOT model in my blog at confused.com. And see why women need their own motoring club to add their voice here…

Supporting organisations include FOXY Lady Drivers Club, the RAC, the AA, Brake, Aviva, Halfords, Kwik Fit and the Retail Motor Industry Federation.


Is the industry motor code working?

Within the Club and on some trade websites we still hear of and read about stories where MOT centres are selling top of the range servicing packages and ‘strongly recommending’ the likes of new tyres, when neither may be needed to pass the test.

Which is presumably why chains like Just MOTs reassure motorists that MOTs are all they’ll be sold because MOTs are all they do; so they can’t have a vested interest in selling other services.

I now read that VOSA centres are to be asked/required to sign the Motor Industry  Service and Repair code  but I can’t see how this will outlaw this predatory practice or where this says that the business shouldn’t sell something the motorist doesn’t need or want to buy?

Just to remind us, this is the relevant bits of the Code and what subscribers agree to provide…

  • honest and fair services
  • open and transparent pricing
  • invoices that match quoted prices

Pardon me but aren’t these requirements the bare and ethical minimum for ALL businesses regardless of industry.  And shouldn’t standards be SMART ones in an unregulated industry with a bad image and where bad garage work can mean unsafe cars and motorists being overcharged and sold services they don’t need?

I just don’t get it.

To begin with we were told that this Code was to encourage the cowboys to sign up.  But aren’t they likely to be the last ones to sign up when they don’t have to (unless it’s for a cheap £75 blast of publicity without any pre-inspection and with no intention of paying for  the later compliance visit?).

And surely by far the majority of Code subscribers operate to higher standards already (many much, much higher) so what’s the point of all this?

Is it just me questioning the wisdom here? I sometimes think that the likes of dealers have signed up without reading the code simply because they have been told to by their manufacturer. How does that raise garage standards for all motorists?

It doesn’t of course but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

FOXY Steph

NB: Relevant FOXY plug follows –  Wary women drivers can at least search for a female friendly garage that has signed the FOXY Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell them services they don’t need or want’ at FOXY Choice. We also show businesses that subscribe to a fully OFT approved code, are ATA employers or hold a BSI Kitemark in automotive services because we believe these are the main signs of tangible quality.
We also like Trading Standards’ Motor Trade Partnership schemes where they exist, but they are rare, fragmented and may not all be the same – which is a shame because the Trading Standards Institute SHOULD wield the power here on behalf of motorists.