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We’re the UK’s only motoring club for female motorists and their family. FOXY is a female brand meaning savvy and discerning; our unique membership services save busy women a combination of time, money and motoring stress.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP costs £30 per year plus a one off joining fee of £5. This includes moneysaving offers, female friendly services, practical advice, information and friendly support. To find out more…



What Members Say

“As a single female it’s so nice to finally find a garage that I feel comfortable with. Highly recommended if like me you know nothing about cars. A++++”
Lorraine, July 2014

“I just called three of your recommended garages to have a chat before I buy a car and they were all SO lovely!!”
Mi, June 2014

“I really appreciate your reply, genuine concern and great advice. I like your company ethos; very useful for us girls.”
Carolann, February 2014

Here’s a fun video about us