Employer and Staff Benefit Scheme

A Group scheme including membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club is a low cost benefit designed for caring employers to provide for female staff who use their own transport to drive to and from work.

The business case is a simple one.

We help your staff run safer and more reliable cars as they travel to and from work.

This matters because

Not only does this unique motoring service save your staff time, money & stress when this matters, but it also raises their awareness of critical road safety issues, helping them

What’s Included

Membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club includes:

How an Employer Scheme Works

Based on the number of staff involved, special terms apply. Staff membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club is reserved for females, and can be offered to partners of male staff where appropriate, remaining valid during the staff member’s employment.

This is how an Employer Scheme Works.

1/ Once the scheme is finalised, eligible staff sign up via an online link.

2/ Staff receive their Membership Pack including membership card, benefit booklet & copy of the Highway Code, supplied via the employer.

3/ Staff can then communicate directly with FOXY Lady Drivers Club by email, phone or the VIP area of the Club website.

4/ The Club keeps members up to date with the latest motoring news, seasonal advice, services and offers in monthly e-newsletters._

5/ Group schemes are reviewed, updated and revised on an annual basis.

For More Information

To find out more about a FOXY Lady Drivers Club scheme
EITHER phone 01903 879988
OR email ebs@foxyladydrivers.com
including an indication of the number of female staff/partners involved and their working locations.

See what Safe and Sound, part of Buckinghamshire-based WMS Group, have to say about FOXY’s staff benefits scheme for female friendly employers.


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