Female Friendly FOXY Approved Tyre Services



Choose a FOXY Lady Approved tyre centre, listed below, and you know they have signed the FOXY Lady Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.’

This means women can rely on them to be honest and transparent, compared to businesses that encourage staff to sell motorists tyres and services they don’t need, earning sales commissions for doing so.

FOXY Lady Approved tyre centres will also offer their female customers an online gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a reward for a clean bill of tyre health.

Post Town       Business
Airdrie   Soltyre
Alcester   Protyre Alcester
Alton   Wefit Autocentre
Amersham   Just Tyres
Ashford   Protyre Ashford (Orbital Park)
Ashford   Protyre Ashford (The Parade)
Ashford   Protyre Ashford (Victoria Road)
Aylesbury   Just Tyres
Barnstaple   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Basingstoke   Just Tyres
Bath   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bedford   Just Tyres
Bicester   Protyre Upper Heyford
Bideford   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Billingham   Tyre Exchange
Bishop's Stortford   Stortford Performance Tyres
Blandford   Blandford Tyre & Battery Service
Bletchley   Just Tyres
Bolton   Thistlethwaite Tyre & Exhaust
Bournemouth   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bournemouth   Tyreland Bournemouth
Bracknell   Bracknell Tyre & Battery
Bradford   Alba Tyres
Braintree   Just Tyres
Brechin   Soltyre
Bridgend   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bridgnorth   Bridgnorth Tyres - Team Protyre
Bridgwater   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bristol   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bristol   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Bristol   Protyre Bristol
Buckingham   Just Tyres
Bury   Tyres Assist Ltd
Bury St Edmunds   Bury Tyre Centre - Team Protyre
Bushey   Kipling Motorist Centres
Buxton   Steves Tyres & Wheels
Cambridge   Cambridge Performance Tyres
Canterbury   Protyre Canterbury
Cardiff   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Cardiff   Protyre Cardiff
Carlisle   Denton Tyre Centre (Kingstown)
Carlisle   Denton Tyre Centre (Sheffield Street)
Caterham   Tyremark – Team Protyre
Cheltenham   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Chesham   Just Tyres
Chesterfield   Just Tyres
Chippenham   Bathwick Tyres -Team Protyre
Christchurch   Christchurch Tyres - Team Protyre
Christchurch   Tyreland Christchurch
Colchester   Protyre Colchester
County Durham   D & R Tyres
Crawley   Just Tyres
Crawley   Kipling Motorist Centres
Croydon   McCarthy Cars Service Centre
Daventry   Just Tyres
Derby   CTS Wheels & Tyres - Team Protyre
Devizes   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Dorchester   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Dumfries   Denton Tyre Centre Dumfries
Dumfries   Soltyre
East Linton   Soltyre
Eastleigh   Protyre Eastleigh
Eastleigh   Tyreland Eastleigh
Emsworth   Tyre and Auto Southbourne
Enfield   Protyre Enfield
Epsom   Just Tyres
Exeter   Protyre Exeter
Fareham   Protyre Fareham
Folkestone   Tyremark – Team Protyre
Glasgow   Prestige Tyres Ltd - Team Protyre
Gloucester   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Gloucester   Protyre Gloucester
Great Dunmow   Rolling Rims Ltd
Great Dunmow   Tyremart
Guildford   Just Tyres
Guildford   SMS Guildford - Team Protyre
Halesowen   Protyre Chemix
Harrogate   Just Tyres
Havant   Tyre and Auto Havant
Haverfordwest   Protyre Haverfordwest
Haydock   Blackbrook Motors
Hayling   Tyre and Auto Hayling
Hemel Hempstead   Kipling Motorist Centres
High Wycombe   Just Tyres
Huddersfield   Just Tyres
Huddersfield   North Star Tyres
Huntingdon   Just Tyres
Ilkley   Alba Tyres
Ipswich   Protyre Autofit Ipswich
Isle of Wight   Island Tyres
Kenilworth   Just Tyres
Leamington Spa   Just Tyres
Leeds   Protyre Headingley
Leeds   Protyre Horsforth
Leeds   Protyre Leeds (Gelderd Road)
Leeds   Protyre Leeds (Tong Lane)
Leicester   Protyre Leicester (Bradgate Street)
Leicester   Protyre Leicester (Bull Head Street)
Leicester   Protyre Leicester (Narborough Road)
Leicester   Protyre Leicester (Syston)
Letchworth   Just Tyres
Lewes   Just Tyres
Leyland   Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust
Luton   Just Tyres
Maldon   Supertyres
Manchester   Protyre Manchester
Middlesbrough   Soltyre
Middlesbrough   Tyre Exchange
Middlewich   Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust
Midsomer Norton   Bathwick Tyres -Team Protyre
Milton Keynes   Just Tyres
Milton Keynes   Just Tyres
Milton Keynes   Kipling Motorist Centres
Mold   Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust
Morecambe   Westgate Tyres
Newbury   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Newbury   Just Tyres
Newport   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Newtownabbey   Magowan Tyres
Nuneaton   Just Tyres
Penrith   Harolds Tyres
Plymouth   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Plymouth   HiQ Tyres & Autocare Plymouth
Plymouth   Protyre Plymouth
Poole   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Poole   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Poole   Protyre Poole
Poole   Tyreland Parkstone
Portsmouth   Protyre Portsmouth
Potters Bar   Just Tyres
Poulton   Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust
Preston   HiQ Tyres & Autocare Preston
Preston   Protyre Preston
Princes Risborough   Risboro Garage
Reading   Just Tyres
Rugby   Protyre Rugby
Salisbury   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Salisbury   Tyreland Salisbury
Scunthorpe   Just Tyres
Sheffield   Hawley Tyres (Chapeltown)
Sheffield   Hawley Tyres (City Centre)
Sheffield   Hawley Tyres (Holme Lane)
Sheffield   Hawley Tyres (Hunters Bar)
Sheffield   Protyre Sheffield Mosborough
Shrewsbury   Church Road Garage (Baschurch) Ltd
Sittingbourne   Protyre Sittingbourne
Slough   Protyre Slough
Solihull   Just Tyres
Southam   Southam Tyres
Southampton   Tyre and Auto Southampton
Southampton   Tyreland Southampton
Southport   Protyre Southport
Sowerby Bridge   Soltyre
St Helens   Stone Tyres Ltd
St Neots   Just Tyres
Stafford   Protyre Stafford Tyres
Stockport   Direct Tyres
Stockton-on-Tees   Derek Campbell Exhaust and Tyre Centre
Stockton-on-Tees   Tyre Exchange
Stourbridge   Just Tyres
Stourbridge   Protyre Chemix
Strood   Just Tyres
Swadlincote   Elmbridge Tyres - Team Protyre
Swansea   Protyre Swansea (Northampton Lane)
Swansea   Protyre Swansea (Richardson Road)
Swansea   Protyre Swansea (Ystrad Road)
Swindon   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Swindon   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Swindon   Protyre Swindon
Taunton   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Tavistock   Tavistock Tyres
Telford   Hardy Tyres
Tetbury   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Tonbridge   Just Tyres
Trowbridge   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Uxbridge   Just Tyres
Wakefield   Just Tyres
Warrington   Jeffreys High Performance Tyres
Warwick   Protyre Warwick
Wells   Wells Tyre Services
Welwyn Garden City   Welwyn Tyre & MOT Centre
West Moors   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Westbury   Protyre Westbury
Weston-super-Mare   Easyfit Auto Safety Centre
Weymouth   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Wickham   Tyre and Auto Wickham
Wilmslow   Wilmslow Performance Tyres
Wimborne   Tyreland Ferndown
Winchester   Micheldever Tyre & Auto Services
Winsford   Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust
Woking   Martins Tyres
Wolverhampton   Protyre Chemix
Workington   Gates Tyres Workington - Team Protyre
Workington   Protyre Workington
Yeovil   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
Yeovil   Bathwick Tyres - Team Protyre
York   Just Tyres

NB: After providing recent FEMALE FEEDBACK ABOUT A FOXY LADY APPROVED BUSINESS HERE you can then claim a FREE lifetime online gift subscription to FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a thank you gift.



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