It’s tough being a woman driver…

Just to remind me that what we are trying to achieve for women drivers is still a worthwhile mission, a visitor to the FOXY Choice website this weekend left us a message to  confirm that many of us continue to feel poorly treated in new car dealerships and used car showrooms.

This is what she had to say to FOXY Choice after her visit…

Love the site but am not surprised that when I tried to find women friendly car dealerships near me there were none within a reasonable distance.

I found your link when I was trying to find if there were any dealerships that were promoting not treating women drivers like idiots.

Having had a car through work for 7 years and never had to try to buy my own before, I have been absolutely horrified by the attitude I have met over the past few weeks.

For example, I had an official Used Mini dealership in central London tell me that two used cars of different ages, different mileages and clearly different owners would drive exactly the same as they were the same model and then tell me that it was ‘better’ to put a small deposit down for a finance deal.

You would do better doing a name and shame list!

Good luck trying to find the good guys out there… xxxxx “

Whilst I do not know any more than this, it is clear that she was offended by this treatment and the word ‘patronising’ sounds like a fair description here.

I was able to explain to her that we do name and shame offending businesses within FOXY Lady Drivers Club where it is crystal clear than those in charge couldn’t care less about a member’s welfare or her repeat business.

Fortunately I can still count on both hands the numbers of instances where a sub-standard garage or car dealership has continued to behave badly after FOXY’s intervention.  A significant percentage of these complaints have been to do with used car dealers where the female motorist has been led to believe that she has had little come back in law,  after the car she has just bought has let her down and will be very expensive to repair.

These names remain on our blacklist and the stories and consequences are compelling reasons why we continue to  spread the word about making a wise choice of female friendly garage suppliers and/or new car dealership in future.

Very cold today.  No problems getting into the office here though ;-).


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