A red car for Valentine’s Day?

We all know that new cars have been churning off production lines for some time because it’s cheaper to do this than stop the plant, lay off the workers and so on. What optimism on the part of manufacturers like Toyota to have scheduled so many new models in 2009 for example – did I read 10 in the trade press recently?

But the backlog of unsold new cars is now so massive, with unregistered stock going back some years, that manufacturers like Mini, Honda and others have had to do the unthinkable, closing down for months at a time.

To see what I am talking about, see the Google Maps photo of Upper Heyford Airfield, near Bicester.  This is a close up of something that seemed strange to me – the number of red cars there…

Now we don’t know how old the Google Maps snapshot is but I do know that it has been a long time since red cars (other than Ferraris) have been in fashion so it would be reasonable to imagine that this stock is a couple of years old, at least.

Yet recently I have noticed more and more car ads coming through with red models featured  – could it be an attempt to shift these red cars by repositioning demand? Or am I being overly suspicious about what is simply a Valentines Day-related colour coordinated February Promotion?

Now either these red cars near Bicester are old stock and new car buyers need to understand what this is likely to mean (car electrics/brakes don’t like this neglect and their first MOT is due at the end of the third year after manufacture not registration) or the stock is more recent than I realise because someone has stuck their neck out to try to recreate a new demand for red cars in future, before buying the paint for the production line.

This will be interesting to observe, knowing from members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club that their preferred colours (in a December 2008  survey) were Silver, Black and Blue in that order.

More grist to the Buy A New Car Now AM Magazine industry campaign as the deals will be fantastic of course although sadly many of these cars are bigger models than most of us want to buy nowadays for cost and CO2 reasons.

We live in interesting times – foxy women drivers could do really well as long as they know what to look for, they do their new car shopping homework thoroughly and buy from one of the best and female friendly car dealerships (via FOXY Choice, of course).


Red cars at Upper Heyford