Chauffeur for female executives in London

If you are an experienced and professional driver, used to driving in busy city traffic, we’ve been asked to find the right person for a consultancy business based in Chelsea.

The job involves ferrying business women between meetings and appointments in London plus other home, family and unspecified female related shopping.

We are not discriminating here, chaps, but it does sound as if a woman might be better suited for this work, although all applications are welcome via the FOXY Lady Drivers Club website.


One thought on “Chauffeur for female executives in London”

  1. I am an experience female chauffeur with excellent knowledge of London seeking part time employment.

    Could you please let me know if you can help me in this matter. As a female I am finding it very difficult to be taken seriously as a chauffeur.

    Many thanks,

    Paula Chappell

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