Citroen trade-in deals for women drivers

In an earlier blog I was less than complimentary about Citroen UK missing a sales opportunity so it’s only fair that I say well done now.

So well done Citroen for doing something strategic to benefit your brand and dealerships rather than sitting on the fence waiting to see if Mister Mandy will do something similar for all, called a car scrappage (ugly, ugly word) scheme.

What I’m talking about is Citroen UK’s initiative to offer motorists generous trade-ins of £2000 if the car is older than 2000 reg and £1000 if its younger. Terms and conditions apply, offer valid till end of April and so on.

This is what you’d expect from a green motoring car manufacturer and a ‘first mover’ brand in terms of their model stable of great value for money, low CO emitting superminis and leading edge technology (since the 50s DS and 2CV really).

Strange how we haven’t had many Citroen car dealerships enquiring about female friendly status so they might promote themselves online to women drivers via FOXY Choice?

Come on chaps – margins might be stretched but if you promote your female friendly garage services ahead of others you’ll be best placed to sell your cars to an ever growing base of (hopefully) delighted women drivers in future.