What were you thinking of Juliane?

EU's Juliane KokottLast year Juliane Kokott a German mother of six and EU Equality Commissioner passed a ruling so that women drivers are to pay the same motor premiums as men from December 2012.

How she must dislike her own gender despite our safer driving records.

As such she has surely opened the door to potential claims of ageism and sexism in the face of statistical evidence that most young women are safer drivers than many young men who are known to cause the majority of the UK’s fatal, serious and very expensive road accidents.

But why has she done this?

Q    Will this ruling save young lives?
A    No. It might even encourage more young men to drive than before because of cheaper car insurance for them.

Q    If this was your insurance business would you charge cautious and feckless drivers the same premiums for the same cover?
A    Of course not.

Q    Who will benefit most from this?
A    Young men and motor insurers because female premiums will rise a lot and male premiums will fall a bit, leaving more profit in between.

Q    Who is footing this bill to include the cost of so many road accidents caused by men?
A    Female motorists.

Call it equality if you like but it isn’t fair on UK women drivers.

Expect to hear more from me about this throughout 2012 as car insurance premiums for women drivers start to rise…

What do you think?