Say farewell to fairness for females in future…

How much did you say?
How much did you say?
Dear Mr Cameron

Please remember that many foxy ladies are formidable female voters who can potentially secure or lose you your political future.

And that too many are struggling to balance the family budget and have yet to realise that their critical car insurance premiums are set to soar later this year, simply because they are female.

This could well prove to be a tipping point for motoring mums and daughters when it comes to voting time.

In a nutshell, if anyone thinks equality means fairness for females, please think again. I’m talking about car insurance costs come December 2012 when HM Government is allowing car insurers to charge women the same premiums as men, having been told to do this by the EU, in the name of ‘equality.’

By ‘equality’ they mean that women drivers are to pay more for their car insurance than male drivers. Despite statistics confirming that young women, in particular, are considerably safer and less accident prone motorists than young men who account for 98% of dangerous driving convictions and cause the majority of fatal and serious road accidents.

But isn’t motor insurance supposed to be about underwriting risk and rewarding no claims experience? I had always thought so but clearly not. Otherwise I know which gender I’d prefer to underwrite from a commercial point of view.

On the contrary, this ruling allows insurers to ignore risk, to reward testosterone-prone boy racers with lower car insurance premiums and to penalise women drivers of all ages by requiring females to pay more than in the past and to contribute towards the cost of accidents we didn’t cause.

This might be called ‘gender equality’ in the EU but it certainly isn’t fair on women drivers in the UK.

Shame on you, Mr Cameron and your Office of Fair Trading lawyers. You know it’s unfair on females and that women drivers paying more for their car insurance are purely transferring money from stressed family budgets into the coffers of allegedly ‘poor’ motor insurers.

Whatever happened to the logic of underwriting insurance on the basis of risk? Which is why women drivers have been paying less for car insurance than riskier male drivers for as long as I can remember…

But say farewell to fairness for females in future as soon as it comes to motor insurance premium hikes that are on the horizon from December onwards.

Fortunately there is still time to fend off this discrimination before it starts to cost you female votes Mr Cameron…


FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the female voice of motoring. We are championing this important insurance issue on behalf of UK women drivers. To support our efforts please either join us, LIKE the FOXY Lady Drivers Club page at Facebook or email Steph Savill to add your support and/or to raise awareness of this unfair treatment of female motorists in the UK.