Could be cheaper to insure a classic car

This is a Guest Blog including an infographic designed by and provided by Ian Owen about the cost of insuring a classic car.

We thought that young FOXY Lady Drivers in particular would like to know which classics can be cheaper to insure than more modern models.


FOXY footnote

Yes, classic cars like VW Beetles, Minis, Morris Minors and Triumph Heralds CAN be cheaper to insure and yes they’re undoubtedly fun to drive and look amazing… but that isn’t the whole story. Most classic car insurers will look for evidence that you belong to a car club like ours – suggesting you will take better care of your car than if you hadn’t joined a club…

There’s also other financial considerations of course. Be sure to factor in fuel consumption and road tax too – only pre-1973 manufactured cars are tax exempt as is, these cars are rarely environmentally friendly so most score badly on VED-related CO2 ratings AND you may find the new MOT regime somewhat onerous (and expensive to pass)…

But if you’re still determined to buy into that vintage look, we recommend you join FOXY and at least together we’ll be able to help you find a local garage that knows how to take care of an older car – not all appreciate their finer points, believe me!