Have you driven without a valid MOT?

guestblogThis is a guest post from Roy Chapman Ltd in Berkhamsted who were involved in a survey suggesting that many motorists are driving without a valid MOT not realising the risks they are running here.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) surveyed 1,000 UK motorists and found that a third of motorists have driven a car knowing it has no MOT.

Of those, 67% admitted driving for up to a week before having it tested, 24% drove without an MOT for up to a month, 7% for up to six months and 2% for more than six months.

What these motorists failed to appreciate is that they run the real risk of invalidating their motor insurance when they need it most. For example, we know of insurers that instantly refuse a motor claim on that basis. And if this isn’t bad enough, this also counts as a serious driving offence carrying between six to eight penalty points.

definitely a female friendly garage...As it seems, men are more likely to offend than women, motorists in London & the South East are more ‘forgetful’ than others and younger motorists are worst at remembering the test date.

The most diligent motorists were 45-54 year-olds we’re told.

To help motorists remember to have their car tested each year; Roy Chapman Ltd is urging motorists to use the free MOT service reminder launched by garage network, Motor Codes. Available at www.passmymot.co.uk, the service sends motorists a reminder before their car’s annual MOT is due.

In addition, some 5,500 main dealerships are committed to carry out a free 10-point pre-MOT visual inspection to help the vehicle avoid failing its test due to simple-to-fix issues. The full ‘Minute Or Two’ checklist includes checks of headlights, tyres, windscreen wipers and fluid levels.

You can find out which of these garages and dealerships are FOXY Lady Approved ie female friendly at the FOXY Choice website. We then use the Motor Codes logo and state which ones are dealerships operating the ‘Minute or Two’ MOT checklist scheme.

About Roy Chapman Ltd

Roy Chapman Ltd in Berkhamsted is a manufacturer dealer recommended by Ford and Mazda although they MOT and service all other makes as well. All MOT and service work is carried out by technicians trained by these two manufacturers using high quality diagnostic equipment and fully-approved parts appropriate to each specific vehicle.