ALA GAP Insurance is a recommended FOXY buy


FOXY Lady Drivers Club is happy to introduce ALA Gap Insurance to women drivers in general and Club members who benefit from a special discount.

Last year a Club member bought a very nearly new Skoda Superb estate and told me all about it at a business networking event.

I asked her if she’d taken out any additional insurance cover, such as GAP Insurance, which she hadn’t.

I explained that her £30,000 car would suffer heavy depreciation in the next few years. Even though Skoda cars do better than many other brands here, she could still be looking at a heavy loss of its new car value in three years or after 30,000 miles.

So, if her car was involved in an accident during this period (granted this isn’t what you think about when you buy a new car) and written off in the process, she’d be expected to make do with whatever the insurer valued her car at, which could be in the region of £10,000 short of the amount she’d paid for the car when very nearly new.

Why GAP Insurance makes financial sense

This is one of the instances where GAP insurance saves the day. Bad enough having an accident or your car stolen for that matter, and much worse of course if you still have outstanding finance to pay. GAP covers that financial gap and can put you in a position to buy the same car as very nearly or brand new again.

It’s worth remembering that…

+ UK Car Crime is a third of all crime
+ A vehicle is stolen every minute and one in three are never recovered
+ Cars can depreciate by up to 77% over a 3-year period AND
+ Motor insurance settlements are always less than the price you paid for your new car.

Working with ALA Insurance

I’d done my FOXY homework here and, as a Weekend Telegraph/Cars reader, I had been influenced by the fact that one GAP insurance provider is recommended above others by their Honest John motoring columnist. So I suggested she called ALA Insurance Brokers (ALAIB) to have a chat.

Yes, franchised dealerships do sell GAP insurance but few do this as competitively as an independent insurance provider like ALAIB.

Sadly this Club member left it too late to take out GAP Insurance cover (there is a time limit as ever) but she was happy with the service, information and advice. And sounds as if she’ll buy GAP the next time around.

A little later on Club member Barbara in East Sussex (who had bought a Nissan Qashqai) wanted GAP Insurance but felt that the dealership price was too high. Again, we recommended ALAIB and asked Barbara to check them out and report back to us.

This is what she told us recently.

“I wanted a second opinion about GAP insurance and remembered my FOXY membership. Within ten minutes of my call they phoned me back to introduce and recommend ALA who then responded quickly and courteously to me with all the information and reassurance I needed. I have since saved a little over £70 compared to the dealership GAP quote and I’m very impressed.”
Barbara, March 2016

After a few more intros we decided to contact ALAIB ourselves to see if we might negotiate a special discount for Club members and their direct family. And whilst discussing this preferential arrangement we agreed to FOXY Lady Approved status here because of the way ALA has looked after the females we know of during the last six months.

Part of this working relationship is likely to include ALA offering its female customers free lifetime online membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club as an added gesture of their value for money service and customer care in future. Extending lots of added benefits including our preferential car insurance, member only new car deals and a FOXY Lady Approved network of UK garages, accident repairers, car dealers and tyre centres.

All in all we’d say this is a Win Win arrangement in that…

1. Club members get a better deal re GAP Insurance.
2. The Club gets a new benefit.
3. ALA gets recommended to more women drivers at GAP Insurance car shopping time…
4. ALA female customers can claim a gift membership of the Club, in future joint promotions, offering them loads of new savings and support services.

What’s not to like?!!


Get a gap insurance quote

There’s an excellent video here about GAP Insurance.

As ever, we’d welcome your feedback about your GAP Insurance experiences via this link


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