Tyre safety alert

We’ve all seen cars with flat tyres, presumably without the driver’s knowledge.

The one we’ve pictured here was of a car in a side street near our office in Steyning, just a couple of weeks ago.

It was so bad we had to leave a message on the windscreen although you’d think they’d know/sense this immediately when driving because the car will feel strange surely and be VERY hard to handle.

What the driver mustn’t realise is that an under (or over) inflated tyre makes their car dangerous as it’s more prone to accidents and/or tyre failure. Affecting innocent passengers, other motorists and pedestrians alike – it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Which is why our advice is ‘Never risk it… always check your tyres regularly.’

A good habit to get into is to walk around your car regularly to check the condition of all tyres before you get in and drive. This is a simple discipline but you’ll soon spot a low pressure tyre and chances are you can either top it up yourself or get an early puncture repaired for little or no money.

Whereas if you don’t spot a slowly deflating tyre, neglect it and drive on regardless you are likely to end up having to buy a new tyre and of course you’ll have struggled to steer the car safely in the meantime.

A puncture is always inconvenient of course but it can also be frightening, especially if it manifests itself as a blowout – on a motorway journey perhaps?

So much so we’ve written some tyre safety tips to help you avoid or cope with punctures – and because there are some new developments in this area which might mean you have no spare tyre (do you know if you have one?) and that you’re expected to repair a puncture with what looks like a can of hairspray…


Would you know how to?


You can find out more about tyre safety matters at our website.

Here’s where to find a FOXY Lady Approved ie female friendly Tyre Centre if preferred.