How to be a FOXY Lady this Easter

easterWe all love our long Easter weekend which should mean the end of the winter hibernation.

To mark this occasion, here are our TOP TEN TIPS so FOXY Ladies can combine some ‘catch up’ chores with relaxation to make this a memorable Bank Holiday break for all the right reasons.

1. Read all those newspapers from the last week or two you haven’t had time to look at because life took over.

2. Call friends you promised to see in the New Year but haven’t got round to.

3. De-clutter your home, desk, garden, wardrobe AND your car.

4. If the weather allows, get out in the garden and tidy up ready for what might pass as summer. Or if you live in a flat, try planting a window box.

5. Go for a walk, clear your head and get back in touch with nature if you live in the country, or your urban surroundings if you’re in a town.

6. Visit somewhere close you’ve always been meaning to go to but never had the time…

7. If you’re able, visit the seaside and walk along the prom with an ice cream (or a hot chocolate depending on the weather)!

8. Treat yourself to a lie-in and don’t feel guilty (unless you have children, in which case, try some of the other ideas…).

9. Take time to read a book, see a movie, pick up a magazine – make a big pot of tea or a mug of steaming coffee perhaps; curling up on the sofa and enjoying what’s left of your Easter eggs on Bank Holiday Monday.

10. Check the oil level and windscreen wash in your car, tyre pressure and tread, and dates for your next service, MOT and insurance renewal. Then take it for a drive somewhere fun…

foxy_lady.mugFinally award yourself a pat on the back and, if there’s any time left this weekend, generally carry on enjoying being a FOXY Lady!

You’re in good company!

FOXY Lady Steph

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