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Farewell and good riddance Messrs Gray and Keys

Undoubtedly Messrs Gray and Keys were walking football encyclopedias but they will be better known for being uncouth bullying louts who offended women in particular, got it wrong on several occasions and were unpopular with their work colleagues. Yes it sounds as if they might work again at Al Jazeera but it looks as if sexism in such a male dominated arena has been dealt a severe blow for the future. Hurrah.

In future, if anyone is sneering, patronising, leering or being loutish in our presence I think women owe it to their gender to say ‘I find that disrespectful’ even if you get laughed at afterwards.

If you’re a customer and this happens in a business, explain how you feel there and then and leave the premises, never to return.

How otherwise will these men get the message unless their nearest and dearest Mum, wife, sister or partner/fiancee tell them how wrong they are and how demeaned they feel.


Businesses that sign the female friendly FOXY Promise agree to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need or want to buy.’ And if any do, we’ll help you sort it out and make sure they know better in future.