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Is this the latest in car battery technology?

The UK’s largest independent car club, City Car Club, is working with innovative start-up LipraLoof Technologies Ltd, to trial smart power technology, which could soon see cars powered by AA-style batteries – much handier for women to carry in their handbag than a petrol can!

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James Finlayson, Managing Director of hourly rental City Car Club said: “When LipraLoof approached us we realised just how exciting this new technology could be – it has the potential to revolutionise the way we all drive. However, as with all new technology, rigorous real-world testing is a must and with our fleet of 700+ cars, all used mainly for short journeys, we are in the perfect position to trial this in UK cities.”


The LipraLoof batteries contain a mix of four metal hydrates which creates a quad, or 4A battery which is much more power than a standard battery. Quad batteries store and reuse energy which is lost with a traditional car battery. Even over long journeys, the quad batteries will still allow us to hit 88mph should the need arise.

LipraLoof’s founder and managing director Dr Ed Heaverben, explains: “We’ve combined our quad batteries with virtually 100% regenerative braking which harnesses the energy normally lost when we brake. Another significant area where we’ve conserved energy is with the tyres – we’ve developed a specially designed tread that ‘grabs’ energy which normally escapes onto the road as heat. This saved energy is then stored in a Franco-Luxemburg engineered Flux Capacitor, ever ready for use when needed.”


Trial and development is expected to last around two years, with a commercial version available to hire from 2016-17. Needless to say, FOXY Lady Drivers Club is first in line for a test drive!

Car clubs are all about providing a realistic, environmentally sustainable and flexible alternative to car ownership that benefits individuals as well as the wider community.

guestblogFor further information visit www.citycarclub.co.uk or www.lipraloof.co.uk.