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Road rage highlighted by #redmist hashtag

youngfoxydriverResearch findings recently published by black box motor insurer Ingenie confirm that as many as three out of four young drivers have been a victim of road rage during their early driving years.

On average, young drivers report having been on the receiving end of abuse on the road around four times (3.64) since they passed their test.

As we all know, bad behaviour can infect others which may explain why 65% of young drivers interviewed didn’t consider themselves road ragers yet 84% admitted to carrying out one or more acts of road rage since they passed their test.

Road rage gets a #redmist hashtag to raise awareness here

This is why Ingenie’s #Redmist hashtag campaign (colourfully named to describe the anger that descends upon motorists who let their emotions rule their driving) interested us and why we asked them to provide this information for a Guest Blog that should interest our young readers and their parents.

Apparently ‘other drivers’ behaviour’ is the most common road rage trigger (66%) followed by ‘running late’ (39%), ‘congestion’ (35%) and ‘roadworks’ (32%). The research also reminds us how important our emotional state is, identifying other triggers such as: ‘A bad day at work’ (27%), ‘Lack of sleep’ (21%), ‘An argument with a partner, friend or colleague’ (20%) and ‘Illness’ (9%). More than one in 20 (7%) admit that their financial situation can make them increasingly susceptible to the #redmist.

Knowing that everyone has their prejudices on our roads (often women drivers let’s face it) I wasn’t at all surprised to see that young drivers claim that older drivers were their #redmist bugbear. Let’s not bring statistics or logic into any such debate here – if they think that, that’s their truth as they see it. Plus ca change!

If this subject interests you or you would like to encourage a young driver here why not join in this quiz here to check out what sort of driver you/they are?. If you score highly and/or learn from this, chances are you can save money having a black box fitted to your car (terms apply etc).

Here are Ingenie’s #Redmist road rage research findings…


PS: Any young drivers (female or male) keen to understand and improve their driving behaviour will benefit from attending one of the motoring events we attend and which are organised by AVF Communications. These include memorable sessions about road rage (how to recognise it and what to do), as well as DIY car maintenance and self defence. All great skills to have in any drivers’ portfolio.