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Car insurance information for women drivers

Stats from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) show that 107,000 fraudulent insurance claims were detected and exposed in 2008 and that their value, £730m, was up by 30% over 2007

£360m of this referred to fraudulent motor claims, about 4% of total car insurance claims.

In a separate survey of 3,000 adults carried out by YouGov, one in five people, including women drivers, admitted that they would not rule out making a fraudulent claim in future. That seems extremely high to me although I haven’t seen the question asked.

Nick Starling, the ABI’s director of general insurance and health added the following car insurance information for women drivers stating that

“Fraud thrives in a recession, so insurers are intensifying their crackdown on insurance cheats.  Fraud adds an extra £40 a year to the average premium, which is why the harder we make it for the cheats, the more competitive premiums will be for honest customers.”

Examples of bogus motor claims affecting car insurance premiums for women drivers who may well be members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club include

1     A policyholder claimed that his car had been stolen from a car park. His car was found at the bottom of the cliff, with no signs of forced entry however his local newspaper had carried a photo of the wrecked car two days before the alleged theft. Finally he admitted that he had pushed the car over the cliff, and planned to use the insurance payout to pay off his debts.

2     A woman reported her husband for exaggerating his injuries following a car accident, and after he received a compensation payout of £385,000.

As always it’s the good eggs that pay for the bad ones.  I’d have no hesitation in shopping someone I knew was cheating the rest of us.

How about you?


PS: If you know of an insurance claim that is dishonest, please do the rest of us a favour by reporting it to the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s Cheat Line on 0800 328 2550.

Will Aviva do better than Norwich Union?

I just typed ‘how much did the Aviva rebrand cost’ into Google to find that others have been there before me…

The answer is an estimated £12.5 million I am told (sounds too cheap to me…) – that and the cost of laying off some 10k workers which will be blamed on the recession of course.

What a shame that we can’t keep and be proud of a UK brand like Norwich Union rather than feel the need to develop a global brand like so many faceless others.

Perhaps we are getting to a stage where the likes of women drivers are buying the car insurance brand of the many search comparison websites – I do hope not.

Let’s hope Aviva won’t become another ‘gone tomorrow’ brand like Consignia or Arthur Andersen – where a company with a recognised identity and perceived values chucks it all away to get a ‘me-too’ name that doesn’t do the business.

Especially if Aviva then gets muddled with a bus company named Arriva…

Shame really because the name Aviva has an upbeat message! I bet this cost their agency loads to come up with, to include all the strategic values and similar marketing rebranding messages.

I wonder if the £12.5m MarComms campaign will be paid by by future policy holders or out of shareholder dividends?

I wonder if the shareholders were consulted about this – of course not! The reality is that the amount is far too small to worry about on a global stage and the business can presumably demonstrate other economies of scale post recession.

And let’s face it, if the policy price is right, including car insurance for women drivers, we’ll still buy it even if we get the name wrong on occasion.


PS: Prior to introducing Aviva, Product Recall Research had shown that when asked to name an insurer, 50% of people asked said Norwich Union, and no one said Aviva. After being prompted, 10% said they recognised the name Aviva, whilst 90% had heard of Norwich Union.

Undaunted, the Company introduced TV ads featuring Bruce Willis, Elle McPherson and Ringo Starr.  Presumably the 10% is rising slowly. More money needed I feel sure…