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What is a Car Club?

According to CarPlus.org.uk there are 42 UK car clubs, running in 37 towns and cities representing over 64,177 members using around 1,402 cars. This from a start of just 250 car club members in 2000.

I find the use of the term ‘car club’ very confusing because in my book, ‘car club’ has been stolen from the many classic and owners car clubs that have been in existence for 50+ years.

Now we have a situation where a ‘club’ that wants us to sell our cars and use theirs also wants to call themselves a car club!

I’d have imagined that these timeshare cum car rental businesses would have wanted their own generic name more in keeping with their green and ‘as and when’ credentials.

I run a car club for women drivers, FOXY Lady Drivers Club, and our members are entitled to a unique package of membership services that is worth considerably more than our annual subscription of £20 – these help them run safer, greener and more reliable cars for less money. Our female friendly club benefits are available across the UK, not just in 37 locations by the way.

Whilst I accept that there may be a good following for the timeshare cum rental principle within green-minded communities with a good public transport system, this simply doesn’t fit the bill in rural economies for example or for many other considerations I can relate to do with female drivers lifestyle, safety, mobility and/or driving confidence.

Which is presumably why, when asked ‘In the current economic climate, would you consider giving up your car and joining a car club instead to save money?’ in a recent survey, an overwhelming 68 per cent majority voted ‘No’.

Even so, I’d like to read more about this alleged moneysaving deal for Mums to use these timeshare cum rental schemes on a regular business commute, with multiple children in tow for school collections, caring for elderly relatives in the community and wanting to feel safe visiting friends at nights.


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