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Norwich’s female friendly garage and car dealer choice

Grant Long, NMG’s MD – photo ack: AM -Online.com
The Norfolk Motor Group (NMG) is a family run and FOXY Lady Approved garage and car dealership group in Norwich.

This means it is both a Female Friendly Approved business and employer in Norwich.

To join our approved network requires automotive businesses to demonstrate a minimum package of credentials which NMG has exceeded, for the following reasons.

Ladies Evenings

We first met NMG in the run up to their Ladies Evening in mid-February when more than 120 local women drivers attended this highly social evening covering important motoring-related issues such as driving attitudes & behaviour, DIY car maintenance checks and an entertaining session providing memorable advice and demonstrating self defence techniques.

These events are always fun first.

But they also inform and educate women about their critical personal safety, driving safety and vehicle safety. Everyone comes away with at least one important and timely message, and of course this reflects positively on the perceived ethics of the organiser because only businesses that truly want to give something back to their local community are prepared to invest the time and resource towards a free activity which isn’t actively selling cars.

New Car Sales, Used Car Sales and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Having said that, NMG’s main business is obviously selling and repairing cars.

They hold Kia and Suzuki franchises so if you drive these makes of cars, or would like to, in or near Norwich, this is where to come to buy them, trade them in or to have them serviced and repaired.

NMG also sell other makes and models of approved used family cars as well as Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) so it’s a business that covers the majority of transport needs.

And which women know they can trust.

Signs Of Measurable Quality

We look for all signs of measurable quality before accepting garages or car dealers on to our network. This is because used car sales and car servicing are unregulated areas in the motor industry and too few staff are licensed to do these jobs.

One of the best things about choosing a franchised dealership rather than an independent is the reassurance that they have been approved by the manufacturer they represent.

Another standard FOXY looks for is EITHER that the business (used car dealers and independent garages too) operates to a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Approved Code of Practice scheme OR is listed on the IMI Professional Register.

In this case many members of NMG staff are Master Technicians, others are trained in the latest electric and hybrid technologies and the business is a member of the CTSI’s New Car Code, Car Sales Code and Service and Repair Code operated by The Motor Ombudsman.

From a customer service point of view, NMG is open 5 and half days a week for car servicing, MOT, repairs and parts. There’s a courtesy bus, a fleet of courtesy cars and a local collection and delivery vehicle service.

Sales Departments are open 7 days a week, including most Bank Holidays, and only close on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Easter Sunday.

They also support many local groups, schools, clubs & charities.

Female Feedback

The final yet critical ingredient is for FOXY to monitor female feedback in addition to NMG’s existing and very high customer satisfaction scores. By using our certificates in their business they are actively courting ALL feedback and giving females a gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a thank you for their time. The point of this is that whilst we all expect feedback to be positive, if it wasn’t, NMG still wants to know, so they can put it right.

And perhaps that’s the main reason why this business passes our FOXY test with flying colours.

1/ Because their motto is ‘Nobody Tries Harder Than NMG…Nobody‘!
2/ Because they evidently want to do a better job for women drivers, by joining this scheme.
3/ Because they are dedicated to doing this from the top of NMG to the showroom floor – we’re dealing with NMG’s Managing Director who definitely sees this as a long term commitment.

All this is good news for women drivers in and around Norwich. If that’s you, then I invite you to visit their branches in Norwich and put your name down for a future Ladies Evening at 79 Mile Cross Lane.

They may even offer you a gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club for doing this.



For More Information

NMG’s HQ is 79 Mile Cross Lane in Norwich, NR6 6TX
Please read NMG’s business story.
Kia and family car sales tel: 01603 775100
Suzuki new and used cars tel:01603 418700
NMG family car, WAV and SUV centre tel: 01603 401044

Our FOXY Lady Approved video partner is Radar Video


We are launching our new partnership with FOXY Lady Approved Radar Video who specialise in car dealer videos and automotive videos.

All franchised and independent car dealers that are part of our FOXY Lady Approved networks can use our logo within their Radar Videos to confirm their commitment to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell anything women don’t need’.

That’s a powerful and reassuring statement for those women drivers who find the car buying and showroom experience an intimidating one. That’s women drivers who influence some 80% of all cars bought, remember.

You’ll be seeing more of these videos in future, because they’ll be posted at our FOXY Lady Drivers Club You Tube channel on a regular basis.

Video sells cars


“In my mind and in my car,
we can’t rewind,
we’ve gone too far…”

The Buggles, 1980

As these famous lyrics remind us, when it comes to car videos, there’s no turning back!

Video is what busy women car buyers expect to see, to help them narrow their car shopping choices, before they buy.

FOXY has dabbled in this area beforehand if only to prove this, but now we need to ramp up the quality of our car-related videos, and the following is a good example of how FOXY can do this, promoting similar affinity Suzuki deals to the WI one featured.

In future, branded automotive videos of this quality will help Club members and their family decide on the best car dealers out there and the most suitable car models.

About Radar Video

Radar Video creates TV-quality, interactive car videos branded to represent franchised and independent car dealers. These videos support and encourage leads, sales enquiries and test drive requests from women drivers and will be increasingly used at FOXY’s social media channels.

Video solutions include ones for new cars, approved used, Motability, ex-demo vehicles, pre-registered stock and special car servicing offers. If needed these can be bespoke videos to showcase business strengths, facilities and/or special events.

When done correctly, videos SELL cars. Any dealership yet to embrace video is likely missing out on countless sales opportunities.

In particular Radar Video works with UK car dealers to deliver powerful video solutions that sell cars and maximise ROI – for a fraction of the cost of the traditional advertising portals. After choosing their required marque(s) from some 400 current makes and models, they will transform that choice into a mini-TV ad that’s fully branded and ready to be promoted on social media.

Each video costs £325 plus VAT and contains:

+ A business logo throughout
+ Professional voice-over
+ Background music
+ Special offers
+ Finance illustrations
+ Full contact details including website link

Video packs of six cost £1,500 + VAT.

Once created, Radar Video helps car dealers promote their videos to thousands of potential local buyers using the world’s leading social networks – all for a small advertising budget starting from as little as £1 per day!

Visit: www.radarvideo.co.uk
Email: Steph Colinswood at steph@radarvideo.co.uk
Call: 0800 998 9848

Five used car buying mistakes to avoid

Sophie MumIn the rush to buy a great new set of wheels, it’s sometimes easy to move too quickly and make basic (and often costly) mistakes. Buying second hand can save you lots of money – maybe up to 40% off a new car, so here are five simple things to avoid when buying your next pre-loved car.

1/ Rushing in

We know what it’s like – the car looks great, the price is good, but you’re not sure and the salesman is giving a good pitch, ‘there’s someone else interested’; ‘I’ll offer you a special price’ and so on.

Everyone likes a deal, but don’t forego the basic checks – registration details, service history etc. If the car is right for you, it’ll still be there when you’ve checked it out properly. Websites such as www.honestjohn.co.uk can help you check out your potential car’s history.

2/ Not being selective about your choice of seller

Of course, using a dealer that offers official Ford warranties and checks, as well as RAC inspections, such as JenningsFordDirect, provides more reassurance than most, but there are lots of ways to buy a used car and making sure you use the right option for you is essential.

If you know a lot about cars, private sales may not daunt you. But if you’re less of an expert, a high quality dealer is likely to take away some of the stress.

3/ Failing to ask enough questions

Before you close the deal find out what the price includes. Does it come with an ‘approved’ vehicle check, a verification check like HPI and a reassuring warranty that’s better than the typical 3 months?

Be sure to check other things out too; ask to see documents such as the V5C registration documents, MOT certificates and service history details. Ask how the new DVLA car taxation rules will affect you ie when can you tax the car, remembering that you can no longer drive away a ‘new’ car you’ve just bought when it’s still taxed by the previous owner.

Turn detective and worry if the seller seems less than keen to answer your questions or provide the information you’re asking for.

4/ Paying the list price!

Admittedly it’s not terribly British and few females know how far to go here, but don’t assume you have to pay the asking price – especially if you’re paying cash.

Remember you’re the one in a strong position – there are thousands of cars for sale and you, as a buyer, are a very valuable asset. Thisismoney.co.uk has valuable tips about haggling, as well as advice on assessing potential repair costs and hidden money traps.

5/ Not trying it out for size

There’s a reason that test drives exist. Rather like the motoring equivalent of the changing room, the test drive lets you try out your prospective car for size. From the very practical ‘can I reach the pedals comfortably?’ and ‘is my vision good enough in this car?’ to the rather more subjective ‘do I feel good in this?’ test driving gives you the opportunity to sample how owning the car will feel day-to-day.

And if it doesn’t feel totally right, don’t be afraid to walk away because there will be another better car that’s right for you, given shopping time.

guestblog This is a Guest Blog from Jennings Ford Direct, part of Jennings Motor Group, the North East’s largest independent car dealer group. All used Ford cars come with a package of reassuring benefits including comprehensive HPI and RAC checks as well as an impressive 2 year warranty.

NB: Jennings has won Ford’s prestigious ‘Chairman’s Award’ on 17 separate occasions over the last 20 years.

Brayley bucks gender trend in UK car showrooms

BrayleysCars060214ATraditionally seen as the territory of male executives, car showrooms are no longer a male preserve according to Hertfordshire based dealership group.

Operating five franchised dealerships in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London on behalf of Honda, Kia and Mazda, Brayleys Cars has just recruited its fifth female sales executive and they are all featured in the photograph.

Women now account for a quarter of Brayley’s car sales staff, with some 50 years of motor trade experience between them.

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics recorded a total of 474,000 employees working across all areas of the UK automotive retail sector in September 2013, of which 95,000 are women, equivalent to 20%. Of these, 54,000 held full-time roles.

This percentage is confirmed within Brayleys Cars where 20% of the company’s 120 staff is female, occupying roles in reception, car sales, sales administration and their customer contact centre.

According to Paul Brayley, managing director of Brayleys Cars, the steady increase in female car ownership has helped the motor trade broaden its appeal as a source of employment.
“The days of car retailing being a man’s world are over and it’s refreshing to see a meaningful increase in the number of women applying for sales roles. Brayleys has experienced a continual rise in the number of female car buyers so I’m pleased that we’re helping redress the industry’s out-dated gender imbalance in the showroom.”

So are we Paul. All grist to the FOXY mill!


PS: Government statistics published by DVLA reveal that female car ownership in 2013 eclipsed 40% for the first time since records began. Last year 9.8 million women were registered as private car keepers compared to 14.6 million men. The number of private cars with a female registered keeper has increased by 70% since 1994. These numbers are still increasing, following in US footsteps where there are more female than male motorists already.

A female friendly dealership day out in Croydon

I always say I can sense a female friendly dealership the moment I walk in. Yes of course they all should be, but believe me, a lot aren’t. By female friendly I mean a business that’s evidently well organised and clean with staff who’re genuinely interested in me and where there’s something on offer with women in mind.

One such dealership is Motor Village, a Fiat owned dealership in Croydon that also sells Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Chrysler models.

I called in there recently during a Family Day called ‘Safe and Secure’ and met their friendly reception, sales and service staff.

Female friendly dealership staff

Miriam_fiatStaff don’t need to be female to be female friendly of course but finding women on the car sales floor is a particular bonus for me.

One such lady is Miriam Spalla who perfectly represents the Italian brand in my mind when it comes to style and flair.

Not only is she evidently Italian but she also lives and breathes engines as a result of her father’s passion for cars. She explained to me that she has a very brief window opportunity to impress male car buyers with her technical knowledge; before meeting Miriam, many think a man is more likely to know the performance facts they are interested in.

She will do well.

img_0006During the course of the day The AA put on car maintenance displays, there was plenty on offer to entertain the children, the coffee was particularly good and for those of us with a love for older cars, there were some fabulous and highly stylish Fiat classics on show.

There were holiday-like candyfloss and popcorn stalls and the business was clearly doing well in terms of car servicing bookings on the day as well as more than just a passing interest in new car models on the showroom floor.

All in all, this was called a ‘family day’ but I have no doubt that the actual target audience was really women.

img_0003Motor Village is a FOXY Lady Approved garage and their female customers are entitled to claim a gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club via their reception team.

Do call in and collect yours – you’ll be made to feel as welcome as I was I’m sure.