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Summer convertible offers for women drivers

Motorpoint DSIt’s unusual to get discounts on summer cars in the summer so we were surprised to read that FOXY Lady Approved Motorpoint is offering savings of over 50% off list price on some of the most popular new and nearly new convertible models across its eight sites around the country.

In Birmingham, Burnley, Chingford, Derby, Glasgow, Newport, Peterborough & Widnes

These include the classy Citroen DS3 1.6 THP DSport Plus [with Metallic Paint] for £10,999 – a saving of £11,791 off list price.

The unashamedly retro Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge [with Metallic Paint] for £9,999 – a saving of £5,445 off list price.

The fun-filled Mini One 1.6 [with Metallic Paint] for £12,599 – a saving of £4,141 off list price.

The executive Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sport, with delivery miles AND a saving of £4,321 off list price.

Mark Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint, said:

“We have always had a great love affair with the convertible and this year shows no sign of being any different based on current demand. Plus, with savings off list price of almost £12,000 in some cases, the great news is that driving with the top down has never been more affordable.”

Please pass this on to anyone who is car shopping for a convertible here.


Are you an independent female motorist?

95737768-the-independent-300x236As you may have noticed from my blogs I usually go out of my way to compliment and encourage women drivers because I honestly believe that the majority of us are good and safe drivers who deserve feting not castigating!

But after reading survey after survey suggesting that women in general are less aware of car safety matters than men I am now wondering if cars driven by SOME women might be less safe than those driven by men?

Which would be seriously bad news for my gender…

In a nutshell I worry that not all women are taking motoring as seriously as they might when it comes to tyre safety and the reasons why they need to have their cars serviced annually and regularly maintained in between.

So I decided to check whether these research findings could be corroborated by FOXY Lady Approved garages based on their experience dealing with female customers. Their replies were revealing, consistent and not always complimentary about women drivers. It seems that there might be two separate groups of women drivers, based on their respective motoring attitude more than their wealth.

The Independents

The first group I call ‘The Independents.’ These women own their cars, rely on them in their daily lives and often have a fair understanding of how their cars work. They are naturally confident but can be over-assertive in garages (for fear of being ripped off perhaps) and will often try to negotiate a mean deal when it comes to buying cars or expensive garage services.

These women clearly don’t need a man to tell them what to do but they might come a cropper by buying cheap garage services, not realising that the garage industry isn’t regulated and this might be a come on for unscrupulous & expensive repairs or safety corners being cut.

The Dependents

The second group of women has a very different and less independent motoring outlook. I am calling them ‘The Dependents’ because they expect other people, not themselves, to make sure that the car they drive is safe.

These are often wealthy females who can afford to buy a new car and then sell it just before its MOT, carrying out little or no maintenance in between. They depend on the cars being reliable because they’re new, not realising that a high percentage of ‘new’ cars fail their first safety check ie MOT because they have been neglected. Some imagine that their employer or fleet operator will ‘organise’ their garage visits for them and that this is all that is required of them. A significant group (and I often meet these at networking events) explain that ‘my husband takes care of that for me.’ A more worrying comment, made as a joke I hope, are those female that claim to ‘only put petrol in it’ thinking that sounds funny, but actually telling the truth.

In short, these are undoubtedly busy women who think that the condition of their car is someone else’s responsibility, not theirs. They may be independent shoppers in other areas, earn their own money and run a large household budget but when it comes to their cars it isn’t something that they necessarily see as ‘women’s work’.

I suspect there are a lot of these Dependent ladies out there who rely on husbands and partners and who become extremely vulnerable at times of divorce or widowhood. My ambition is to get the message across to these women that if her car causes an accident as a result of its poor condition, SHE is responsible, not her partner, employer or a bad garage. She is responsible for making sure that they have done what is necessary to keep her car safe for family, other motorists and pedestrians alike.

How would she feel if she caused a serious road accident because her car was in a dangerous condition due to her neglect?

What can I do about this?

During 2015, with motoring safety to FOXY’s fore, I plan to concentrate on the following key messages…

1/ Poorly maintained cars can kill, even those under 3 years old
2/ Cheap motoring services could mean vital safety corners being cut
3/ There’s no excuse for not knowing how to care for your car and tyres
4/ Men are often as poorly informed about car maintenance as women
5/ Divorced and widowed female ‘Dependents’ are particularly vulnerable here

Motoring advice for women

If this blog reminds you of a female who might welcome a helping hand with her motoring in future, why not buy her a Club membership for Christmas and we’ll help empower her through knowledge?

My short term ambition is to help women become better informed to do with their motoring. To understand about tyre condition, the benefits of regular car maintenance and annual servicing. To benefit from the best value deals that come FOXY tried and tested. To rely on us for insider and informed advice, putting their personal needs first. To have FOXY Lady Approved garages, repairers and car dealers they can trust…

It’s only then that female Dependents will start to understand how important it is to take their motoring safety more seriously. I imagine that many husbands would be impressed, relieved and understand why this makes safety sense. Whether they’ll want to learn ironing or cooking in return is a different matter of course!! A consequence of this empowerment is often that women enjoy their driving and motoring more, knowing that they are not only demonstrating their independence but they are also confident that their car is as safe as it can be because THEY have checked this.

We are not talking rocket science here.


PS: I have no objection to women relying on local garage professionals to do the regular car maintenance jobs in between car servicing visits, providing this gets done regularly. Just know how to check afterwards that it has been done. I say this remembering the VW dealership in East Sussex (that went out of business in the recession) servicing my company car the day before I took it on the M25 in wet and filthy road conditions. The technician had forgotten to fill my empty washer bottle. The dirty water smeared across my windscreen and I could hardly see before limping off the motorway. I lived to tell the tale of course but always check this now. It could have been a different end to this story.

Female car owners give new meaning to ‘motorhome’

FMOS CAR BOOT 30.jpgAccording to RAC research women increasingly see their car as a social life support system.

Female motorists are seemingly prepared for any social occasion – thanks to their cars, which are increasingly being treated like a ‘handbag on wheels’.

Apparently more than 35% of women admit to having a variety of shoes, clothes and make-up handily stashed in their cars equating to:

+ 4.5m pairs of footwear
+ more than 5m items of clothing 
+ 1m-plus complete sets of makeup

at any one time in the UK.

Although Jimmy Choos and Hunter Wellies may litter some cars, the most popular types of shoe on board are for general use, with work, ‘going out’, sports, sandals or flip flops and flats for driving topping the bill.

And the emotional attachment goes even further with upwards of a third of women (37%) saying they view their vehicle as an extension of their home.

As many as 3.5m female drivers say they regularly apply make-up in the car and nearly half of women (49% compared to 30% of men) have shopping bags and baskets in their boot.

The car is also a ‘life support system’ for women with nearly two thirds (63%) regularly eating while in their car as opposed to a half of men (49%).

Women and men are equally likely to work in their car (11% men vs 10% women), a quarter of each gender often has conversations with a loved-one from their vehicle and there is little in it between the sexes when it comes to changing a baby’s nappy on the backseat (women 6%; men 4%).

Laura Truman of RAC Insurance said: “There are more women than ever driving on the UK’s roads and it is clear that they see their cars as something more than getting them from A to B.

“In this fast-moving world women have to be ready for any occasion and usually want to look their best. Keeping a few pairs of shoes and a lippy in the car means you can go from school run to work and then on to an evening networking or social event without a second thought. However, while this might be super handy for these sorts of days, we really do strongly advise both women and men to keep any personal belongings out of sight and stored in the boot or glove compartment. At no time is this more important than when it comes to valuable mobile technology as this is clearly the kind of thing that thieves will target. The best advice is to avoid leaving anything valuable in the car and if you have to, make sure it is out of sight. Leaving valuables in sight could potentially invalidate a claim for personal possessions so we urge everyone to be extra vigilant. Leaving them on view might attract unwanted attention and result in an unscheduled shopping trip!”

guestblogThis is a Guest Blog supplied by the RAC. The survey in question involved 2,100 motorists and was conducted on rac.co.uk from April-June 2013. With around seven million customers, RAC provides services for private and business motorists including roadside assistance, insurance, vehicle inspections and checks, legal services or up-to-the-minute traffic and travel information.

Champagne, lobster and luxury cars for ladies


Amanda Stretton, Rebecca Jackson and Amber Graafland are confirmed as this year’s Boodles Ladies’ Day judges at Salon Privé.

Salon Privé takes place from the 4th to 6th of September at West London’s Syon Park and describes itself as the UK’s most prestigious Luxury Super Car Show & Concours d’Elégance.

Amanda Stretton is a racing driver and motoring journalist who has appeared on several ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky 1 and Discovery Channel car, motorsport and travel shows. She also contributes to national and motoring titles whhilst occasionally turning her hand to modelling fashion.

Rebecca Jackson is a racing driver in the BRSCC Porsche Championship and presents ‘I Want That Car’ on ITV4. She is also a regular motoring contributor to the Sunday Times and Sun newspapers and has recently embarked on her own motor racing venture called Project Le Mans.

Amber Graafland @MirrorFashionAG is the Fashion and Beauty Director at the Daily Mirror, writing her own weekly celebrity style column there. We’re told that her professional eye for dress and fashion will be pivotal in the Boodles Ladies’ Day judging.

Dress code for the day is ‘Dress to Impress’ with the prestigious panel of judges selecting a short-list of ten best-dressed ladies. The ‘Best-Dressed Lady’ prize – an exquisite diamond pendant from the Boodles rose gold Blossom Pave range – will be presented to the lady judged to be ‘most stylish at Salon Privé’ by the panel.

Tickets can be purchased at www.salonprivelondon.com/cart-events.asp or by calling the Ticket Hotline on 0808 100 2205.

NB: Entry is fully inclusive of Pommery champagne, a lobster luncheon, English afternoon tea and full access to all areas.

If women ruled our roads…

Also reproduced at www.money-marketuk.com

talkshop1This post was written by motoring futurologist and MD of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, Steph Savill who predicts a period of uncomfortable motoring for many men when they realise their bastion days are coming to an end…

There are now more women drivers than men on US roads. It’s caused quite a stir because statistically American men are no longer the main car buyers in their automobile industry.

This is because of demographics mainly. Older women who never held a driving license are being replaced by female baby boomers who look set to outlive their male counterparts into old age.

But what would happen here if women ruled the roads in the UK…

fussylady It’s surely only a question of time before women will rule our roads. At present 40% of licensed drivers are female and whilst few males will have taken time out to consider the implications of this (other than a man in Chester blaming too many women drivers for Cheshire potholes) changes are surely coming as females flex their credit cards in this area in future.

Here are some areas that will need addressing once fussy females are in the driving seat…

i/ If young women drivers continue to be the statistically lesser insurance risk than young men, we’ll see more insurers finding a way round the EU Gender Directive, to give us the rates we deserve. They’ll also need to cater for women drivers shopping for motoring cover well into their 80s and 90s of course.

ii/ We can expect more vehicle manufacturers to address female needs than do already. If cars can include a tool kit on board, why no accessible space for a driver’s sizeable handbag? And let’s all take a serious look at cup holders, making car interiors easier to clean and essential car maintenance a breeze…

iii/ Garages face a long overdue female makeover too. Women will be looking for spotless washrooms, areas for children to play whilst they wait, more ‘drive thro’ fast fit areas, cars repaired in time for the school run, tea and cakes whilst they wait…

The greatest potential for change?

But the area where change will be needed most will be in UK Boardrooms across the automotive industry. As yet, few are anywhere near Lord Davies’ target of 25% women on boards by 2015.

From the top down, this will result in more female Dealer Principals running franchised car dealerships, more car showrooms designed with real women in mind and more female sales staff on showroom floors.

Businesses will have to adjust their male dominated culture accordingly because they will want to be seen as a female friendly employer to attract more female staff as part of the total package.

And all the time, the forward thinking motor industry businesses will be competing for the best graduate talent out there because much of this is female nowadays.

“With women in the driving seat I predict cultural ripples through the whole motor industry with only the best and genuinely female friendly businesses surviving unscathed and going on to thrive.”

But worst of all for many male motorists, they’re going to have to get used to women being in charge on the roads. That’s going to be tough for them.