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Better than buying a Baby on Board car sticker…

If you’ve a new baby on the way or have any queries about car seats for children make a point of finding out about this subject during Road Safety Week.

More than half of new parents have never been shown how to correctly choose or install a child’s car seat, according to new research.

According to Mamas & Papas and Alfa Romeo working together for the SAFER SEAT campaign, one in 10 parents choose car seats based on price alone, rather than the correct fit or function for their specific vehicle.

They found that almost two-thirds (61%) of parents did not know that different car seats are suitable for different types of vehicle – installing a car seat that is wrong for the vehicle can severely compromise the child’s safety apparently.

Furthermore a third of survey respondents didn’t know that the safest direction for a baby of up to at least 13 kgs is to face rearwards in the car seat.

Despite 80 percent of new parents admitting to driving more cautiously with a baby on board, the survey results indicate a worrying over-reliance on advice from friends and family, rather than getting professional guidance about transporting children safely.

The result is that a large proportion of child seats are being fitted incorrectly, or the wrong car seats installed perhaps. Or seats being passed on by friends we find…

Tackling this problem, Mamas & Papas has come up with the SAFER SEAT initiative, supported by Which? And in partnership with Alfa Romeo.

Motoring mums and grans can find out more in Birmingham (Saturday 17 November, Birmingham Gallagher), Nottingham (Sunday 18 November, Giltbrook Retail Park), Manchester (Saturday 24 November, Manchester Fort Retail Park), and Edinburgh (Sunday 25 November, Edinburgh Fort Retail Park).

SAFER SEAT information will also be available in Alfa Romeo showrooms. To locate your nearest Alfa Romeo dealer please see www.alfaromeo.co.uk.


Rock-a-bye baby research for motoring mothers

New research reveals that parents of new babies drive the equivalent of John O’Groats to Land’s End one and a half times a year – spending an average of £547 on petrol – to get their little treasure to sleep.

Dads are said to take to the car more often than Mums to achieve this unless their driving style takes them longer to get them to sleep that is?

The research was carried out by Mothercare who asked some 1,000 new parents about their driving habits. Over half (56 per cent) admitted they use their cars as a ‘drop-off-to-sleep’ vehicle at least once a week – with the average journey starting at 9pm and lasting nearly half an hour (29.40 minutes).

New dads drive an average of 1827 miles in the first year compared to mums who drive 860 miles and parents from London drive the furthest distance a year (2957 miles) closely followed by the East of England (1987 miles) and Scotland (1420 miles).

Best performers in the Average Baby Sleep League

To help parents get a good night’s sleep Mothercare has recruited their youngest ever product tester – 17 month-old Zara Kazim from London – who has spent the last two weeks putting the retailer’s range of car seats to the test against an Average Baby Sleep (ABS) rating. Topping the list was the Mothercare Madrid Car Seat, which sent Zara to sleep in just 10.37 minutes. The Sport Car Seat came second registering an ABS of 15.25 minutes followed by the Malmo Highback Booster (18.41 minutes).

Sadly the research doesn’t say whether Mum or Dad was driving or the car that was used. All we’ll say is that some cars offer a smoother ride than others and in our experience some drivers we know well but who don’t work for FOXY seem to like hurling cars round corners more than we do .

Top Ten UK regions re distance driven and associated costs

In order of distance travelled, parents in London spend more time getting their babies to sleep than in other regions listed below and in declared mileage order.

1. London – 2957 miles (£547)
2. East of England – 1987 miles (£367)
3. Scotland – 1420 miles (£263)
4. Northern Ireland – 1150 miles (£213)
5. South East – 1140 miles (£211)
6. Yorks/Humber – 1113 miles (£206)
7. North West – 1069 miles (£198)
8. West Midlands – 986 miles (£182)
9. East Midlands – 911 miles (£168)
10. North East – 508 miles (£94)


Mumsnet Cars share female feedback

Mumsnet and What Car? have joined forces to launch Mumsnet Cars, a car review section of the popular Mumsnet website.

The section includes typical reviews and questions like: “Will it fit three child car seats?” “Is it easy to maintain?” “How much should I be paying for this?” and “Can I fit in my entire family and still have legroom?” along with insight from What Car?.

In a survey of car owners, Mumsnet users were presented with a list of celebrities whose influence might persuade them to buy a car. Despite the list ranging from Kylie to Clarkson to Cameron, nearly half of respondents (48%) said that they would not trust any celebrity recommendation.

In contrast, over three quarters (77%) say that a recommendation from a friend or a relation would be influential.

The Mumsnet survey confirms that car dealerships could be more ethical, that car advertising doesn’t always hit the spot for motoring Mums and that recommendations from friends are more reliable than those of celebrities.

* Nearly half (46%) felt that car dealership sales people aren’t honest
* Only 25% felt they could trust the advice given at car dealerships
* Just over three quarters (77%) find car ads unmemorable, complaining that they all seem the same
* Two out of three (67%) would be influenced by reading a recommendation or a positive review in a car magazine or online from other users
* Half (53%) say that both they and their partner are equally responsible for the researching, planning and the car buying decision for the family car (FOXY note: US research suggests that women influence c90% of car sales)
* 89% of parents responding to the survey agreed that their choice of car has changed as their family needs and lifestyle has changed

Justine Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Mumsnet, said:

“When it comes to buying cars, we know that priorities change once people start a family and that parents are looking for safe, economical and practical cars without the hard sell. 80% of our users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product, and judging from the number of car discussions on the site there’s a clear need for similar advice when it comes to cars.”

Hear, hear says FOXY.