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Could your car be a classic?

You might be surprised to read that your old but much loved car could be a classic. And that you would be entitled to a lower insurance premium because of this.

Classic car insurance broker Footman James recommends that women drivers check to see if their cars are classed as classics in case they qualify for a reduced motor insurance premium.

Apparently some specialist motor insurance policies cover cars that are just five years old; but they do seem to be prestige brands so the Bentley in the photo would probably qualify (sadly not mine) but not the more mundane models most of us drive…

For example, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar car club members who have a model as their second family car (and only use it for limited miles each year) seem to qualify for special policy rates when the car is five years old and more.

And anyone with an American car which is five years old or more also qualifies for a specialist insurance policy.

But the important thing is that women looking to insure what may be a classic car under 15 years or a classic American car under 20 years old must be a member of a related car club.

Andy Fairchild, Footman James’ managing director, said: “The industry recognises that, on the whole, owners who cherish their vehicles usually drive fewer miles and generally avoid taking their car out in adverse weather conditions, therefore reducing the likelihood of a claim.”

Which makes sense and rings true, if you can avoid using your car in bad weather.

Needless to say, FOXY is not a ‘related’ car club to any one brand, but it could well be that FOXY Lady Drivers Club services (free seasonal car checks and so on) mean that our members will qualify when it comes to insuring a special and much loved model providing the car is more than 5 years old, is a second family car and is used for limited annual mileage. Which is often the case for the cars women drive of course.

Please let us know about your classic car insurance experiences so we can share relevant female feedback with members of the Club and their family.