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Is Orange the right car colour for Nissan?

Nissan has been having some fun here, with spare marketing money to spend, and women in mind.

Silly us – it seems we may have been buying the wrong coloured cars – what we need are ones to match our personalities.

Fortunately we can now check the right colour (of Nissan Micra) online, using a Chatbot app at Facebook. What a relief.

Apparently our choice of car colour has nothing to do with delivery times or the number of freshly painted new cars sitting in a field somewhere waiting for buyers.

It’s more to do with conservative colour choices and sensitivity on behalf of others. For example, maybe you’ve always really wanted a bright pink car to reflect your feminine side but didn’t buy one because you’re thinking about the resale value or flak from the PinkStinks brigade…

Both excellent reasons not to buy pink I’d have said (in a deep voice) but you wouldn’t be doing your personality justice on our roads says Nissan (who did have a pink Micra).

Here are the ‘facts’ from Nissan research into 5000 European car buyers.
+ 86% have chosen the wrong-coloured car for their personality type
+ Approximately two-thirds went for more traditional / conservative colours
+ 38% are currently driving a grey or black vehicle
+ 53% claimed colour had impacted their vehicle choice
+ Of those, more than half claimed to have selected their favourite colour

So we asked colour psychologist Karen Haller to interpret these for us in the light of Brexit negotiations.

She explained…

“Social factors always come into play with colour choices. For example, in times of economic uncertainty (seen by the Remainers perhaps) we’d play it safe and pick a car with a neutral palette – such as black, white or grey. So I’m not surprised that two-thirds of motorists are driving more conservative shades.”

Human response to colour goes right back to early childhood we’re told. It’s not always determined by symbolism or an association, but by in-built ‘hard wiring’ over which we have no control.

But with new and high-energy colours like orange reflecting energetic, fun and optimistic traits maybe this’d appeal more to UK Brexiteers?

And with Nissan set to bump up car production in Sunderland based on Brexit plans, we’d expect this optimism to convert into many orange car sales in 2018…

If you want to find out what colour car suits your personality, best ask a Nissan car dealer about your choices but if you’d like to know more, there’s a new Facebook Page called Nissan’s innovative Chatbot.

We hope you’ll tell us about your car colour choices at FOXY’s Facebook Page please…


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What does your car colour say about you?

coloursAccording to specialist minor paintwork repairer ChipsAway, some car colours are more likely to attract dents and dings than others.

So it isn’t you really – it was going to happen come what may??

That’s a bit unlikely we thought but all the same, here are the alleged odds of scratches and scrapes appearing on your car they say, in reverse colour order.

Thereby representing a driving challenge for those of us owning a car in one of these colours, to prove ChipsAway wrong in future perhaps?

5. Red

Not such a popular colour as in the 80’s and 90’s but apparently making a comeback. Red cars account for nearly 10% of all repairs in this driving challenge.

4. Grey

As boring as grey sounds, unless he’s a character in a book or callet ‘Gunshot metallic’ or similar, grey is the third most ‘popular’ car colour in the UK at the moment, with 14% of the total registrations in this colour.

And, running the risk of being equally boring, ChipsAway repair precisely the same number of grey cars .

3. Blue

While blue cars have decreased in popularity over recent years – with 13% of new car registrations in 2014, they still get into their fair share of bumps, and account for 18% of total repairs!

Oh dear. That’s me (as a driver not a dent statistic – I wonder if stone chips count?)

2. Black

In second position, it’s the ‘always in fashion’ black car bringing in 21% of total repairs. A few years ago, black cars were reportedly most likely to be involved in collisions because they merge with the gloom (and the grey ones), particularly during evening hours.

Well, according to ChipsAway they are pipped to the post by…

1. Silver

Written with a suitably discreet FOXY fanfare for all involved, silver coloured cars make it into the loving hands of ChipsAway repair specialists more than any other colour, earning them the top spot, with 24% of repairs.

Or you could think of it another way – perhaps the owners of silver coloured cars just care about them more and so want to keep them looking shiny and new!

Nice try ChipsAway.

And here’s a pat on the back for drivers of white cars that have yet to make it into this league.

Could it be that white is simply a safer colour choice, helping contribute to the fact that they are also the best colour cars for holding their value?

Perhaps. Unless it’s a white van driven by a man in my experience that is…