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Tales of car accidents in reverse

Much as the stories about women drivers being unable to read maps disappeared with the arrival of satnav systems hopefully the tales of our not being able to park will fade away with the arrival of parking sensors…

Not that I accept that we are any worse than men at doing either by the way but these (usually male driven) perceptions give women drivers a bad name and being peace makers by nature, we are more likely to accept blame for things we aren’t always responsible for… knowing that many men feel the need to believe/convince us that they are the better drivers

Parking sensors make sense to me (and I must say that it isn’t just women drivers who need these in our household…) because…

  • Repairing a scuffed bumper costs £460 on average
  • Bumps and scratches can reduce your car’s value by £00s
  • 37% of all accidents are caused whilst reversing
  • The majority of minor car repairs are likely to come out of your insurance excess

Well worth checking that your new car has these and to find out how much parking sensors cost to be fitted to used cars.

If you live near Peebles or Galashiels, female friendly Ford car dealership David Harrison lists costs from £270 on their website.

And female friendly Inchcape Ford car dealerships in Farnborough, Guildford, Wokingham and Guildford are advertising these from £234…

Needless to say you’ll also find some great new and used Ford car deals at both locations.


PS To check out female friendly garages and dealerships near you, use the FOXY Choice search finder on the home page…