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First to offer FOXY employee benefit scheme

Safe and Sound is the first employer to sign up to FOXY Lady Drivers Club’s employee benefit scheme, designed to help reduce staff stress levels to do with all aspects of their everyday motoring.

Every female member of staff has been given a free membership of the Club by Buckinghamshire-based WMS Group who owns Safe and Sound, and all male colleagues are encouraged to nominate a foxy lady to receive their staff benefit.

“FOXY is becoming the female voice of motoring in the UK because someone needs to speak up for our gender on occasion” says founder and MD Steph Savill. “For example, too many female motorists have found themselves ripped off, patronised or sold something they didn’t need, either in garages or car showrooms. I’m deeply encouraged to see Safe and Sound come on board with the FOXY ethos as well as supporting their female team members in such a caring way.”

What Women Want

Safe and Sound was developed in 2010 after WMS Group conducted extensive research into consumer behaviour which revealed that all buyers wanted reassurance that their car was road legal, safe to drive, didn’t have a hidden past and was being sold at a fair price.

It was also clear that many women had the final say on the car purchase and yet they were more likely than men to struggle to find a dealership they could trust not to sell them a dud.

So Safe and Sound has become a transparent programme which addresses these buyer concerns and promotes good businesses, much as FOXY is doing in its own way.

Staff benefit scheme

Our staff are delighted to have received their FOXY Lady Drivers Club membership,” says Steph Colinswood, Safe and Sound’s marketing manager “as many of them know little about cars.”

“Having access to the Club reassures them that they’re equipped with the knowledge and empowerment that comes with this level of motoring support. As a female-friendly employer we also believe lifetime Club membership for only £23 represents terrific value for money, especially as it doesn’t just cover the member but also her entire household.”

“By working with FOXY, we’re helping to spread their message and look forward to funding memberships for many more female employees in the future as WMS Group continues to expand. As a not-for-profit organisation, FOXY is unbiased and honest, and like us they’re passionate about the motor industry and making a stand for female equality. We’ll do all we can to help FOXY promote their fantastic business and are excited to be working with them.”

Coincidentally, last week WMS Group welcomed its first female account manager, responsible for seeking new dealerships to work with in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

To find your nearest Safe and Sound dealership, visit www.SafeandSound.co.uk.

If you are a business interested in joining the Safe and Sound network, see www.SafeandSound.co.uk/dealers.

To find out about FOXY Choice’s female friendly garage network, visit www.foxychoice.com

The best place to work in Europe

A few years ago Ferrari was awarded “Best place to work in Europe” by the Financial Times because of its efforts to help staff live longer..

The results of Ferrari’s Formula Benessere project preventing cardiovascular disease among its workforce was presented at the International Cardiologist Congress in Munich by Doctor Fred Fernando and Doctor Alessandro Biffi.

One of the aims of this programme is to help instil a culture of health education through a complete medical check-up to identify possible health problems connected to risk factors. This analysis is followed by tailored advice about nutrition and a fitness programme.

Formula Benessere is one of the many activities offered free to Ferrari employees and their families. Others include fitness studios, free school books and tickets to cinema premieres; all designed to improve their employees quality of life as well as creating a strong sense of community.

Every year Ferrari invests some 4 million euro in Formula Benessere on top of significant investments to improve the working environment.

No wonder it is one of the best employers in the world.


NB: UK companies looking to demonstrate their caring credentials to staff and their family should consider a low cost Group Employee Benefit subscription to FOXY Lady Drivers Club. This includes a unique range of useful, practical and money-saving support services when motoring gets stressful. Male employees can nominate a female recipient for their benefit and can then share most services.