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Should Muirfield be free to refuse women golfers as members?


“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” said Groucho Marx memorably but many women golfers in Scotland might see things differently…

Headline news is that Muirfield is losing its right to host the Open golfing tournament in Scotland because it continues to exclude women from being Club members. Let’s be clear here. It is a privately owned links and the home of The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers who just happen to be men.

These are men who can invite female guests and partners to play, when they want their company. They are men who have paid a high membership fee to belong and who presumably like ‘their’ club as it is.

Why is that so offensive today?

Yes, I can understand why some female golfers might feel aggrieved that, assuming they can afford it, they can’t join. After all, nothing makes you want something more than not being allowed to have it!

But then, if Muirfield gives in to gender and peer pressure here, would this mean the likes of the Lady Golfers Club and many similar social groups having to open their single sex changing rooms to men? That’s an interesting thought…

Democracy, free will and political correctness in golfing

Like most reasonable people, I believe in democracy and free will. So, when the majority of Muirfield members decide to accept women as Club members, that’d be the right time to do it. And if it doesn’t happen because the links’ owners don’t want it to, that’s OK with me too.

Clearly golfing powers feel the need to reprimand Muirfield (for PR disapproval but little else I suspect), then that’s OK with me too because I’m neither a golfer, rich enough to join nor geographically near Muirfield to be bothered either way. But surely we don’t all have to feel the same about issues like this?

But I can see that some men are deeply troubled by modern day feminism. It’s said we’re taking their jobs, pipping them at the post in further education, doing without them as parents (using donor sperm) and then ditching/divorcing them in our 60s… And seemingly wanting more and more for ourselves at all stages in between.

Ok that’s a bit over the top, but clearly some men see women as a threat to their very existence. And don’t know how best to respond.

So there should be no surprise that Muirfield likes their male dominated Club as it is and wishes to retain the status quo. Or that the likes of menssheds.org.uk, mensdefense.org.uk, Save The Males, Men in Nursing, National Coalition for Men and so on feel the need for male only drawbridges on occasion.

And so do women. Which is presumably why we have the wonderful WI today, exclusive female business networks like Athena and special interest associations like FOXY and so on.

What’s wrong with doing this I wonder?

Each to their own I say because men and women are fundamentally different, designed to be compatible and complementary (not always I know…).

And long may we remain so… Vive la difference.


PS: I’m told it’s International Women’s Golf Day on Tuesday 7 June 2016. Well at least women golfers have one day to themselves haha…

PPS: Women are welcome to join FOXY here. Just like Muirfield, FOXY members can share most Club benefits with members of their family, including men. Heavens to Betsy, whatever next!!