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Who dares nominate a motoring brother, husband or Dad?

Williams FW35 RevealA new BBC One programme is looking for drivers who need a motoring makeover for their future safety and that of the rest of the motoring public. Clearly this won’t include FOXY Lady Drivers (!) but we’d like to encourage females to nominate men to be sure of a fair gender balance here.

First of all I wondered why the BBC had contacted us. My initial thoughts were negative; what if the programme turns out to be one of those that humiliates and laughs at those that are prepared to be on TV for that very purpose… But was I being too sensitive and short-sighted even?

Could a genuinely serious motoring programme REALLY challenge the Top Gear formula by helping others improve their driving skills by visual example and would this make for compelling prime time TV?

I next wondered what sort of person is happy to be singled out for motoring attention. Doesn’t the fact that they’re willing to be on TV skew their genuine motoring ability somewhat… and isn’t it more likely to be women than men who admit to wanting to improve their driving? Come to think of it, did I know ANY men likely admit having motoring failings? Although Dad you’d definitely be on my Top Ten list…!!

Men needed

nominateThe fact is that neither I nor the casting company can be sure how many men or women will be prepared to admit to motoring failings but to balance the gender formula here I’d like to encourage as many MALE NOMINATIONS as possible.

So here is the information we have about the show.

If someone you know is game for having their driving ability scrutinised by a team of experts (to benefit watching motorists who can learn as a result of their experience…) then please get in touch with the programme planners via drive@outlineproductions.co.uk or call 0207 424 7676 with your contact details as soon as possible.


No matter how terrible their driving our team of experts believe they can turn them around?

Do you have a family member or friend whose parking is so perilous you can’t bear to look and find yourself bracing for that loud bang? Do they think road signs are just a suggestion and before you know it they’re driving the wrong way down a one-way street? Perhaps they’ve had so many bumps and scrapes their insurance company is on speed-dial?

Do you find yourself worrying every time they get behind the wheel? Maybe it’s because they drive too fast or are too easily distracted that their eyes aren’t always on the road. Are you concerned that their ranting and raving behind the wheel will get them in trouble one day? Well help is at hand.

If you know someone who could improve their driving skills – we’re offering unique, tailor-made training to turn any driver into a model motorist.

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Driving experience makes women better and safer drivers

FOXY Lady Guest Blog This is a Guest Blog on behalf of the AA.

A recent study by the Driving Standards Agency has shed new light on the difficulties facing learner drivers, and highlighted the differences between the sexes when it comes to making rookie mistakes. The figures from the study have once again stirred up the age-old question of which sex is better at driving.

One of the answers that this study gives is that, after they’ve passed their tests, women become increasingly better drivers and are 20 per cent safer than men.

On average, more young women pass the theory driving test than young men. Although women are most likely to fail their tests due to manoeuvring errors such as bad reverse parking, failing to steer correctly and poor gear changes, after they have passed the test and gain more driving experience, they build more confidence and master these skills.

Men were found to be failing for losing track of the speed they were going, or simply for going too fast. This is why male drivers tend to be less safe on the road than female drivers. Learning to drive safely and monitor their speed will help keep them safe further down the line – as well as lowering the cost of car insurance when the time comes!

Have A Good Breakfast Before Your Driving Test

breakfast2An important tip for those preparing to pass their driving test is to eat a good breakfast before. Drivers who had eaten performed 30 per cent better in a driving simulation than those who hadn’t.

So if you are going to take your driving test, remember to get a good start to you day with a proper breakfast, despite the nerves.

Lack of food leads to low blood sugar which can affect the ability to concentrate, as well as bring on physical symptoms such as trembling and blurred vision, so advice recommends even if you only manage to eat something like a banana, you’ll be doing yourselves a big favour.

Although some of these tips are common sense, keeping abreast of studies like the DSA’s could have real practical value. Knowing what aspects of driving are most problematic will surely help both driving instructors and learners.

Women are gender spenders for car finance

Most of us know that women are THE gender spenders who influence c80% of  all household purchases and are described as ‘instigators-in-chief’ when it comes to c60% of car sales (and presumably their garage care afterwards). We’re professional shoppers, we do our homework in advance, we know what we want and we’re not afraid of going somewhere else if we don’t get it.

But when it comes to comparing male and female shopping behaviour we know that men can do the job in hand quicker 😉 whereas we want to compare and contrast value and features before making our (better) informed decision. Take shopping for a pair of trousers for example. Casual or formal. He is more likely to buy the same style and the same colour as the last time and from the same shop before retiring to the pub for a liquid reward; happy because the job has been done efficiently and as painlessly as possible…

Whereas she might spend ages looking at what everybody else is wearing, comparing this season’s colour choices and then shopping online and on the High Street for the best deal… This has been known to take weeks in our household ;).

But it’s very important to take your time when it’s a big ticket item like a car or financing the deal for that matter. I’m sure we can all remember unhappy purchases we made in a hurry or when we’ve been seduced by a low price, only to experience the steep learning curve borne out of realising we’ve bought a lemon, wasted money and that we should have bought a different brand or product…

A recent survey from BMW Financial Services has been looking at men and women’s attitudes towards financing a car which reflect precisely these differences in our gender genes. Whilst the economy is struggling it seems that more of us are turning to dealer finance to fund the purchase of our dream cars than was the case in 2010.

This is probably because the car finance market is very competitive today and it’s so much more convenient to sort out the finance transaction alongside their new car and any part exchange paperwork.

According to BMW’s research, many males admitted rushing into an ill-judged car finance decision within just two hours whereas one third of women drivers take at least two days to make the choice. That’s the foxy way…

But apparently some consumers gave about as much thought to purchasing a car as they did to purchasing a sofa; not thinking through the implications of a longer finance deal for the more expensive vehicle transaction. Very costly I imagine.

BMW’s survey also confirmed that women are prepared to compromise when it comes to making joint decisions about which car or car finance package to buy whereas men prefer to choose entirely independently. Or put another way (assuming a gsoh)…
He thinks “This is motoring – this is a MAN’s department.”
She thinks “Oh for an easy life – let him think this is his decision but I’ll make sure he makes the right choice…”

This is in stark contrast to shopping for a new kitchen apparently which is more likely to be a joint decision. Or put another way (assuming the same gsoh)…
He thinks “ With a bit of luck she’ll be spending more time in it (cooking for me) than me so she really should have one she’s happy in (cooking for me…).
She thinks “If I am expected to do more cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning in the kitchen (than him) the least I expect is one that suits me best.”

Certainly attitudes to car ownership seem to have changed with women in particular spotting that buying a new or used car using car finance carries a number of advantages.

In fact Joe Pattinson at BMW Financial Services has detected a growing trend for women to sign up to ‘rent to own’ finance deals as he explains…
“Finance is the car purchasing model for women in future and we see this as a long term purchasing trend that is here to stay. A quarter of women (surveyed) say they are cutting back on all spending and changing their lifestyle considerably, and as these attitudes are applied to the concept of car ownership, (staggered car) finance will become the norm in the not too distant future.”

Joe continues: “Sadly many drivers are making greater compromises on the make, model and specification of their vehicle than they need to.”

Women need to know their foxy car finance choices perhaps?