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The foxy choice for a Valentine’s Day mechanic

Surprise, surprise – most women drivers would like James Bond star Daniel Craig to be their personal motor mechanic.

Whereas fewer than one in five men would be prepared to stop at the road to help Joanna Lumley change a tyre.

These are some of the findings in a fun survey carried out by Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS) with a Valentine’s Day theme.

MTS analysis suggests that women ‘clearly feel that the 007 star would be more technically competent to deal with car servicing than David Beckham’ who came second in the survey.

FOXY analysis suggests that any perceived mechanical prowess may well have more to do with their ‘phwoar factor’ in many female eyes…

Which explains why only 1% of women thought that Justin Bieber would make a good mechanic (or being in the least bit interested either way perhaps).

Happily for us ladies, the age of chivalry is not totally dead, as some might have thought, with more than 50% of men in the survey volunteering to stop at the roadside to help a lady in distress (should we ever feel the need to change our own wheel for ourselves that is…).

Even so, we were surprised to read that only 18% of men would stop to help Joanna Lumley, 12% Cheryl Cole and 3% Adele – let’s hope these three foxy ladies know what to do in the event of a car accident and could call on the Club’s VIP services whenever they need a motoring friend.

Needless to say the MTS survey had a serious point to it too, reminding us all that regular servicing and tyre care are vital to our personal road safety as well as that of other car occupants and pedestrians. And this explains why MTS is also a FOXY Lady Approved tyre fitting centre and garage who really cares.