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Calling all University students

A recent survey suggested that University students rarely considered the motor industry for their future career. Which I was disappointed to read, knowing how much this industry needs to recruit the top talent for its future. And to see that it is failing to appeal to women in the more traditional work areas not just manufacturing, design and motorsports.

And as one of the IMI’s network of Automotive Careers Champions I’m happy to do my bit to spread the word about an exciting job opportunity here, in the hope that more UK students will look more favourably on this industry than they might have done otherwise. And who can afford to ignore remarkable job offers like this one in today’s economic situation.

Which is why I’d like to encourage as many University students to enter a high profile industry competition to ‘win’ 5 months challenging work experience in the automotive industry plus £7500 in prize money. I’m talking about the 2011 Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award  which includes the chance to work for McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Toyota and Skoda as well as a £7500 cash prize.

How impressive that will look on any CV – and the opportunity to be considered for a full time graduate appointment at the end of this period we’d hope.

“We are encouraging all students to look to the automotive world for their first step into the world of employment. The industry offers numerous and wide ranging opportunities for enthusiastic graduates – it’s innovative, inspiring and challenging. The industry is most definitely not just for the petrol head” explained Martin Bohling of Courland Automotive Practice.

UK University students are invited to respond to the following brief:

“Using your area of expertise, write a 500-word proposal suggesting some improvement (be it an invention, a legislative change, a change to corporate policy or the adoption of a new convention) which you believe would be a worthwhile benefit to the automotive business, on a small or large scale.”

Brief entries must be in by 28 August and are expected to be innovative, incisive and well communicated using diagrams and images to aid clarity. Twelve students will then be invited to an assessment day before the shortlist is produced. This stage allows each candidate to present their ideas to a panel of judges giving them added interview experience and feedback. The winner will be announced in November.

This is the third year of these Awards and it would be good to see a female winner for the first time. I can’t see why not, providing enough female students have heard of this Award in enough time to whet their appetite.

To find out about exciting career opportunities in the motor industry, please visit the Autocity website for background information

This is such a great opportunity for high flying students to make a real difference to our industry’s future, working alongside some of the leading players here.


What women say about the motor industry

To see what women say about the motor industry, visit our latest website feature, Women in the Motor Industry. We believe that motor businesses that employ women in customer facing roles are likely to be more female friendly businesses (for customers and potential employees alike) than ones that are male only employers.

‘Women in The Motor Industry’ is a collection of interviews where women explain what brought them into the motor industry in the first place. The individuals then encourage employers to consider the right female recruits and women so they consider joining the motor industry. They all see this as a great career for starters and where the female presence can improve customer service levels for men and women alike.

We are not expecting too many women to want to become mechanics or panel beaters but we defend the right of those that want to do so knowing they are equally as capable as men of doing a great job.

Motor Industry Careers for Women

We’re more interested in the industry recruiting the right females with experience in other industries to join Boards, senior management and to take on customer facing roles like car sales, service advisers, all sorts of administrative roles and receptionists.

We know that it’s impossible to change the culture of any business from the bottom up. A customer oriented business model for groups looks like a funnel, with the customer at the top and all the customer facing roles reporting upwards to the customer, in turn supported by all the corporate functions they need to do a good job, with the Board at the bottom in this instance.

It’s important to recognise women as the more natural and experienced carers who are typically more intuitive than many men and particularly good with people and communications (as our ability to talk at length confirms). As always these are stereotypes so forgive me if you don’t fit into these but I’m sure you get my drift – men do so many other things brilliantly and together with women the service experience can be a more rounded and better one for male and female customers alike.

Of course a good front of house representative is appreciated by men and women alike and any business that employs females is likely to be a more female friendly employer than one that doesn’t, when it comes to women considering a career in the motor industry.

The final point  is that businesses employing women should expect to see more female business, especially if they are on FOXY Choice’s female friendly garage register.


Find out here about local UK garages employing females
Join FOXY Lady Drivers Club to experience female friendly treatment and visit FOXY Choice to check out female friendly and approved garage services.

Vauxhall could be a British brand to be proud of

If we can privatise banks why not Vauxhall Motors?

If we can subsidise new car sales, why not a British brand?

If we want to help the British economy out of recession, why not shore up British jobs?

If we want to help the car industry through these tough times why not encourage/incentivise motorists & fleet buyers to buy a new British car ahead of other makes that will benefit foreign owners?

I’d like to know why we can’t do this – surely this option has been on the table this time around?

After all, the only genuinely British car manufacturer is Morgan today and it doesn’t have the production capability or product range to cater for the volume needed whereas Vauxhall does and there are 5000 jobs at risk.

I think the time is right to back Britain NOW and shore up what could be a lucrative car manufacturer; rather than letting it leak overseas and leave us with a mainly service based economy for the future.

But now that the German government has chosen  Canadian Magna to take over Opel and Vauxhall (where were we I wonder…) we can expect to have ringside seats whilst they asset strip on our doorstep.

Ring any bells?

Go on Mandy – do something really important with a view to the future… stand up for British best interests here and allow British motorists to help the economy by buying a new British car in future.

Other countries seem to care more about this than GB does viz France, Germany and Italy.

Maybe it’s not too late to make a real difference to the British motor industry.  Vauxhall cars aren’t exciting but they are popular and they have the range and know how.

Call in some clever marketing brains to see how easy it would be to encourage the wannabe patriotics to actively support their country by buying British…

We want to feel proud to be British and to remember what that means in terms of hard work and ethics. Someone please give us hope for the future, not despair and give us our pride back.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke