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The importance of female networking clubs

emsworth_MNC There’s something about networking in a room full of noisy business women that is good for the female soul.

We laugh a lot, seem to understand each other and have much in common which makes it easy to slip into business when the time is right.

Yesterday I was at the launch of the Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC) in Portsmouth where more than 30 ladies turned up to find out more about this group.

NB: The photo is of the Emsworth Group by the way.

Whether it is for them ultimately depends on their commitment to the cause. If you attend regularly women will get to trust you and of course, given a choice, we all buy from people (and brands) we like. Networking is a great opportunity to be that business in female minds. I am a member of MNC and can recommend it to others providing they can take the time out to do the job properly…

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club is a growing business across the South East of England (mainly) but with a new satellite Group in Edinburgh so expect this one to spread its wings to other Scottish cities soon. Meetings are a combination of fun, information and targeted networking of course. An excellent way to fine-tune your ‘elevator pitch’ and get over the nerves of introducing your business, memorably, in close to one minute. When you’re nervous, one minute seems an age yet when you have news to tell it never seems enough.

The Portsmouth meeting was held at the Queens Hotel in Southsea with a magnificent location and impressive Edwardian features. The key speaker was a very focused female, Donna Jones, who is the first female Leader of Portsmouth City Council who clearly has an ambitious strategy for her time in office.

We all agree that ‘Women in Business’ is a critical area for expansion, wherever they are. Mums are everywhere and mustn’t be ignored within that picture. Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense to go out to work simply to pay for childcare yet many businesses are built on kitchen tables and go on to spectacular achievements, all during school hours and holidays whilst the family is growing.

I was in Portsmouth to make sure than MNC members know that their 2015 subscription includes a gift subscription to FOXY Lady Drivers Club. Founders Nicky Chisholm and Sara Guiel appreciate that we can help busy women save money on motoring bills providing this is done wisely. This is where FOXY is unique alongside other motoring clubs. Yes we have moneysaving offers, preferential insurance rates, approved garages and new car buying deals but we always put safety alongside the need for good value.

This matters because the motor industry isn’t licensed so if you buy cheap regardless of quality checks you may find out why it was so cheap afterwards. Few motorists realise that garages aren’t registered and mechanics don’t have to be licensed – hence why so many garages and car showrooms have been known to rip women off.

NB: We only work with motoring-related businesses that meet our demanding standards and we then share feedback about them to be sure they are getting things right. Or else…


PS: If any other organisation would like to discuss a group scheme for female members or employees, like WMS Group in Thame perhaps, please contact me direct to discuss your requirements.