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We’ve driven a safe Volvo deal for Club members

Club members enjoy fantastic Volvo deals
In case you need reminding, FOXY is all about saving Club members’ money when it comes to motoring bills in 2017.

So, when it comes to buying a new car, we recognise that this is a significant investment when it’s extremely important to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal, ideally without having to haggle, and from a business you know you can trust.

Thanks to Volvo’s Affinity programme, Club members have that reassurance and access to a variety of discounts and offers. That means you can get your hands on a brand-new Volvo at a very tempting price.

The Volvo UK dealership network knows that members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club are eligible for special deals – they make it easy for you to talk discounts and finance when the time is right.

If you’re a Club member simply visit your local Volvo showroom to view the range. Then, once you’ve selected the model of your choice, a member of the sales team will talk you through the options.

The three elements of Volvo’s affinity deal

Volvo cars are popular with Club members
The first element of Volvo’s affinity deal is your FOXY Partner discount, awarded as a percentage of the vehicle’s net cost.

This maximises the value of the discount, by keeping the pre-VAT price of the car as low as possible. In consequence, you get more for your money, putting Volvo ownership within closer reach.

The second is the Volvo discount itself. Volvo offers a lump-sum reduction on the net value of their cars which varies by model and means you’ll often secure a new vehicle for what feels like the cost of a second-hand car.

The third element is the option of metallic paint for free. This is usually sold at up to £700 so you have a wider selection of bodywork finishes to choose from when it comes to specifying your perfect Volvo. Without paying extra for metallic paint as so many motorists do.

Added Value Volvo Services

It is also possible to purchase an up-front servicing deal to plan your running costs for the first years of ownership. We offer three years of servicing at a Volvo main dealer for £300 with five years for £500. What’s more, packages like these are sometimes available at no cost to customers taking up a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offer. Just ask your local dealer.

If you’d like to spread your purchasing costs and keep interest payments to a minimum, Volvo’s finance deals change over time, but Affinity partners will often benefit from preferential interest rates – including occasional 0% deals that aren’t available to customers outside affinity car buying schemes like FOXY’s.

Finally, if you’d like to personalise your car, a selection of accessories can be added at discounted prices. These could include lifestyle accessories like roof bars, cycling racks, interior mats and dog guards. By clustering these items together in packages, Volvo is able to offer Club members’ significant discounts here as well.

Thanks to Volvo’s Affinity programme discounts, Club members can own their dream Volvo, equipped with their personalised specification, for a surprisingly modest outlay. Of course Volvo Cars are best known for their leading safety features and record but you can also enjoy the elegance, economy and poise that are also characteristics of the brand.

As a Club member you’ll be saving money whilst making a sound investment with a view to a safer motoring future.

NB: Terms apply re membership eligibility and family ownership. For example, you need to have been a Club member for a minimum of six months.

If you plan to buy a brand new Volvo later in 2017, and you’re not a Club member yet, it will make financial sense to join FOXY Lady Drivers Club at least six months ahead.

Foxy Ford offers special Spring car discounts

Whilst Toyota is taking one day at a time to cope with major quality and image problems, Ford is quick to present its special Spring car discounts of up to £5,000 for new car sales including many sporty Zetec models – many of these offers are bound to attract women drivers and their families.

Surely this is Ford’s opportunity to move back into the Number One position – it’s a known brand, these are good deals and anyone selling a Toyota might be tempted to change brands as things stand…

The following prices are for new car orders confirmed by March 31, bought via a participating Ford dealer,  registered by June 30 and subject to taking out a Ford Options deal (which may be worth taking even if you don’t need the finance).  Other sales offers in 2010 still stand, subject to terms and conditions and similarly guaranteed to the end of June.

The underlying message from Ford is clear – tell us what you want and we’ll be flexible. More flexible in March because the scrappage scheme* has been extended until the 31st but still flexible until the end of June.

NEW FORD PRICES (guidelines at least)

Model Spring Value Price Ford List Price
Ka Studio £7,995 £9,395
Ka Zetec £9,295 £10,895
Fiesta Zetec £11,495 £13,580
Fusion Zetec £11,495 £14,295
Focus Zetec £13,495 £18,280
C-MAX Zetec £14,795 £18,432
Kuga Titanium £20,995 £23,540
Mondeo Zetec £16,995 £20,526
S-MAX Zetec £18,495 £22,466
Galaxy Zetec £21,495 £26,145

*The scrappage discount of £2,000 also applies to these prices other than the Ka where the additional scrappage discount is reduced to £700.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Bracknell, Farnborough, Guildford or Wokingham visit FOXY Choice subscriber Inchcape Ford.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Southampton visit FOXY Choice subscriber Hendy group.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Cambridge visit FOXY Choice subscriber Marshall Ford.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Scottish Border towns Peebles and Galashiels visit David Harrison.