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Our FOXY Lady Approved video partner is Radar Video


We are launching our new partnership with FOXY Lady Approved Radar Video who specialise in car dealer videos and automotive videos.

All franchised and independent car dealers that are part of our FOXY Lady Approved networks can use our logo within their Radar Videos to confirm their commitment to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell anything women don’t need’.

That’s a powerful and reassuring statement for those women drivers who find the car buying and showroom experience an intimidating one. That’s women drivers who influence some 80% of all cars bought, remember.

You’ll be seeing more of these videos in future, because they’ll be posted at our FOXY Lady Drivers Club You Tube channel on a regular basis.

Video sells cars


“In my mind and in my car,
we can’t rewind,
we’ve gone too far…”

The Buggles, 1980

As these famous lyrics remind us, when it comes to car videos, there’s no turning back!

Video is what busy women car buyers expect to see, to help them narrow their car shopping choices, before they buy.

FOXY has dabbled in this area beforehand if only to prove this, but now we need to ramp up the quality of our car-related videos, and the following is a good example of how FOXY can do this, promoting similar affinity Suzuki deals to the WI one featured.

In future, branded automotive videos of this quality will help Club members and their family decide on the best car dealers out there and the most suitable car models.

About Radar Video

Radar Video creates TV-quality, interactive car videos branded to represent franchised and independent car dealers. These videos support and encourage leads, sales enquiries and test drive requests from women drivers and will be increasingly used at FOXY’s social media channels.

Video solutions include ones for new cars, approved used, Motability, ex-demo vehicles, pre-registered stock and special car servicing offers. If needed these can be bespoke videos to showcase business strengths, facilities and/or special events.

When done correctly, videos SELL cars. Any dealership yet to embrace video is likely missing out on countless sales opportunities.

In particular Radar Video works with UK car dealers to deliver powerful video solutions that sell cars and maximise ROI – for a fraction of the cost of the traditional advertising portals. After choosing their required marque(s) from some 400 current makes and models, they will transform that choice into a mini-TV ad that’s fully branded and ready to be promoted on social media.

Each video costs £325 plus VAT and contains:

+ A business logo throughout
+ Professional voice-over
+ Background music
+ Special offers
+ Finance illustrations
+ Full contact details including website link

Video packs of six cost £1,500 + VAT.

Once created, Radar Video helps car dealers promote their videos to thousands of potential local buyers using the world’s leading social networks – all for a small advertising budget starting from as little as £1 per day!

Visit: www.radarvideo.co.uk
Email: Steph Colinswood at steph@radarvideo.co.uk
Call: 0800 998 9848