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Welcome to our female friendly motoring world

Screenshot-19Here are the latest UK car dealers, garages and repairers to sign the FOXY Lady Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need’. They also meet our FOXY Lady Approved standards re quality, value for money, cleanliness and customer service.

All we now ask of Club members and women drivers reading this is that you provide recent female feedback to prove these businesses are genuinely getting service levels right, on the spot.

After checking you are a bona fide customer, you will then receive a gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club (from current subscribers listed) to thank you for providing this vital feedback.

Here’s where to check the full details of all FOXY Lady Approved local car dealers and garages not just the ones below.

We welcome female feedback re these subscribers as well as other local car dealers and garages.

FOXY Lady Female Friendly Approved NEW CAR DEALERSHIPS

ALDERSHOT Charters Citroen
EPSOM Shelly Motors (Kia, Subaru, Isuzu)
LEICESTER Anstey Sturgess Motor Group (Fiat, Hyundai)
LEICESTER Narborough Road Sturgess Motor Group (LandRover, Jaguar)
LEICESTER Almond Road Sturgess Motor Group (Volvo, Alfa Romeo)
LEICESTER Aylestone Road Sturgess Motor Group (Fiat, Hyundai, Suzuki)
LONDON City Alan Day Volkswagen
LONDON Hampstead Alan Day Volkswagen
LONDON Kensington London Morgan
LONDON New Southgate Alan Day Volkswagen
LONDON Bellamys Ltd (Citroen)
PEEBLES David Harrison Ltd (Ford)
REDHILL Vines of Redhill (BMW & MINI)

FOXY Lady Female Friendly Approved USED CAR DEALERS

AYLESBURY Gatehouse Car Sales (as in the Channel 4 Mary Portas Secret Shopper March 2015 episode)
BOLNEY A1 Car Search Ltd
EPSOM Shelly Motors
FLEET Imperial Car Supermarkets Fleet
HASSOCKS Silverbrookes
IPSWICH Simon Shield Cars Ltd
LEICESTER Anstey Sturgess Motor Group, Anstey
LEICESTER Narborough Road Sturgess Motor Group
LEICESTER Almond Road Sturgess Motor Group
LEICESTER Aylestone Road Sturgess Motor Group
LONDON Kensington Monaco VW
PEEBLES David Harrison Ltd
POOLE Norman Motors
PORTSMOUTH Imperial Car Supermarkets
REDHILL Vines of Redhill BMW & MINI
REDRUTH Powells Garage
SALE Freedom Cars Ltd
SOUTHAMPTON We Sell Small Cars
SOUTHAMPTON Imperial Car Supermarkets
YEOVIL West Country Cars

The Latest FOXY Lady Female Friendly Approved GARAGES

EPSOM Shelly Motors
GRANTHAM Gainsborough Corner Garage
PETERBOROUGH Woodston Motorist Centre
SOUTHPORT Karwowski Motors

The Latest FOXY Lady Female Friendly Approved Accident (and cosmetic) REPAIRERS

ISLE OF WIGHT Smart Technique
LONDON N18 Supreme Motors

NB: Some subscribers demonstrate excellent quality standards but can still fail FOXY’s compliance process, usually as a result of insufficient female feedback. We recommend that all women drivers check in advance to see which businesses are current subscribers of FOXY Choice AND always supply feedback about them afterwards to prove their female friendly credentials.

As at 3 March 2015.

Your alloy wheels may look good but are they safe?

c.-ian-pugh-fix-auto-managing-director-wwith-refurbished-alloy-wheelFemale motorists could be driving potential death traps caused by the so-called ‘pothole plague.’ So says Fix Auto UK, the country’s fastest growing vehicle body repair network.

Fix Auto recommends that motorists whose cars suffer a severe impact after driving through a pothole should have their wheels inspected by an expert – even if there is no visible damage.

The reason for this is that the structural damage may not be visible and, left undiagnosed, damaged wheels could ultimately put lives at risk. In a nutshell, if a wheel or a tyre looks cosmetically sound after hitting a major pothole, there may be an underlying structural problem with safety implications.

We asked Fix Auto’s Managing Director Ian Pugh to explain this to us and this is what he said:

“Whenever a piece of metal is struck at reasonable velocity, structural damage can occur. As an alloy wheel is made from metal and a tyre is reinforced by a steel cord, they are both susceptible to damage below the visible surface. Over time even a hairline crack caused by a pothole can deteriorate and be detrimental to the structure of a wheel. Unfortunately that could make it fail at high speed and the consequences do not bear thinking about.”

Ian oversees 65 franchises in the Fix Auto UK bodyshop network and they are all BSI-Kitemark accredited. As part of the Kitemark quality checking process, all alloy wheels that are refurbished must be inspected.

This doesn’t always happen elsewhere so this is not a sales plug for Kitemark repairers, this is an IMPORTANT BIT OF INSIDE INFORMATION ladies.

Ian’s understandable fear is that motorists who do not use credible repairers could drive off with their wheels looking cosmetically shiny, but they could be structurally compromised under the surface, because the repairer didn’t know how to check or what to look out for.

This SHOULD be a concern for all motorists so if your wheels have taken a turn for the worse recently after a significant pothole shock (we’re talking about a bone rattling experience; most of us have had at least one) PLEASE get your car’s wheels checked by a repairer you can trust.

NB: Remember that garages aren’t regulated. If you choose a bad one you mightn’t know until a part fails. In this instance your wheel. Don’t go there…

As such, the onus is on the motorist to get their car checked. Sadly few bother. So the decision must ultimately be yours. But to be on the safe side, we recommend you get any wheel concerns checked by a FOXY Lady Approved repairer. Not just because they are among the best there are across the UK (most are Kitemark licensees) but because they’ve also signed up to our female friendly ethical promise so women won’t be patronised or ripped off either.


PS: Earlier this week I wrote about the serious problems Bernie had with a wheel on her courtesy car. We have no idea if this might have been due to a damaged alloy but she had children with her and was lucky not to be travelling faster – it could have been catastrophic.

About FOXY Lady Approved© garages and repairers

FOXY Choice is using a new badge in 2013 to indicate that a business is FOXY Lady Approved© as female friendly.

So far this applies to GARAGES and REPAIRERS who sign the FOXY Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need’ and where you see our Female Friendly Standards Certificate displayed (see below) you know they meet this too.

Very soon it’ll be available for insurance advisers too, subject to a FOXY Lady Insurance Promise that addresses the needs of women after the Gender Directive 2012 – more about this very soon.

It’s a shame that some businesses, usually ones whose staff are paid hefty commission bonuses to sell the likes of tyres and fast fit repairs, can’t sign the FOXY Promise but it’s good to know which ones ie those that have joined our FOXY Lady Approved© scheme as listed at FOXY Lady Drivers Club, won’t (and don’t) do this.

Signs Of Garage/Repairer Quality

We also look for measurable quality indicators such as ATA (this is the motor industry’s accreditation scheme which needs topping up every 3 years), the BSI Kitemark in vehicle body repairs, OFT Code of Approval schemes (run by Bosch Car Service, VBRA and Motor Codes), manufacturer approval and Trading Standards schemes including Motor Trade Partnerships and Buy With Confidence.

We’d prefer the industry to be regulated so there was only one standard to amalgamate the best features from them all, but we have to accept that we are where we are and do our best to ease the confusion in the minds of motorists!

When a small business isn’t a member of any of these schemes (they’re optional indicators remember because UK garages don’t have to be licensed or mechanics accredited to repair our cars) but it’s still obvious they’re going the extra mile for females, we ask for independent female feedback, make our minds up on that basis and monitor all performance levels through ongoing feedback in any case.

There are other considerations for us. We also award brownie points for quality awards, female staff in customer roles and businesses that organise ladies evenings but by and large we let the female customer decide what type of garage or repairer she prefers.

Providing the business signs the FOXY Promise as a minimum we’re happy to approve good independents alongside good franchised dealerships alongside good fast fits, bodyshops and/or mobile repairers. Subject to female feedback of course.