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Back on the road again…

I have just had my third and final hand and arm plaster removed after a car accident that happened just over 8 weeks ago. I’m feeling mighty relieved and ready to get on with the rest of my life now.

But before I put this to the back of my memory, please bear with me whilst I remind myself about the misery of this and how other female motorists are likely to feel in similar situations.

Even though I run a motoring association for women, I certainly wasn’t prepared, mentally or emotionally, for the trauma of a car accident and painful injuries as a result.

But there was no avoiding the impact when a lady driver pulled out immediately in front of us when we were driving at c40 mph along an A road. What was she thinking of at the time I wonder? Certainly not her personal safety.

So these are some of the lessons I have learned from all this…

1    That what seems to be a no fault car accident isn’t always how the third party tells the story. In fact the other female driver contested liability saying that we were indicating left at the junction she was waiting to turn right from…

2    That some motor insurance companies will postpone a no fault claim resolution even when it’s obvious that it’s ‘their’ motorist that was at fault.

3    That some motorists presumably think that it’s a valid excuse to pull out in front of a fast moving car if it had an indicator flashing (which ours didn’t but even if it had, you can’t trust indicator lights that might have been left on in error…).

4    To have the contact details for a friendly support service like FOXY’s accident assistance service, especially when the accident is clearly not your fault, to get you mobile as soon as possible. We were on holiday in the UK so we didn’t know any garages and we didn’t have friends or family to call on for help. It was obvious the car was going to be a write off and even if it had been repairable we needed wheels to get us home and to carry on. As it happened, a small replacement car was delivered to our hotel before 9am the next morning. Couldn’t have been slicker.

5    To check out all aches and pains at the hospital at the time. I broke my thumb and cracked my sternum which was bad enough so I had to go to the hospital anyway but my husband claimed to be fine at the time. Some seven weeks later after limping for most of this time his Doctor tells him he has ligament damage to the upper part of his brake pedal foot. Not surprising because he was driving at the time and hit the brake pedal hard as you would expect but perhaps if he hadn’t been so brave (or shocked perhaps) he might have got some practical advice about pain relief from hospital staff who probably see these sort of commonplace road accident injuries on a daily basis.

6    How to shower/wash hair/wrap Xmas presents and get dressed with one hand… You might tick of the job but it takes forever, is painful and the end result always looks second rate…

7    How lucky I am to have such a multi-talented husband. I hadn’t realised what a good cook, washer up and ironer he was and I look forward to sharing these chores with him in future ;).

8    Oh how much I have missed the independence of my own car and being able to drive it but thank you to all my friends who have ferried me around and done little things for me that mean so much…

9    And even when you think the pain has passed (I needed an operation to pin the thumb in place which then needed removing, ouch) and that painkillers are a thing of the past, you still need to take Ibuprofen regularly to reduce the swelling under the plaster which can be so uncomfortable and tight at night it can even wake you up…

10    Just how traumatic the whole episode has been for me and others in similar situations. I won’t forget and I will be forever sympathetic to those in similar situations. Just imagine how awful it would be to be involved in an accident when someone is killed or seriously injured.

Finally, after such a miserable time I now want to get on with the rest of my life.

The first thing we’re going to do is go car shopping for a more sedate BMW this weekend.

Then I can really get motoring in more ways than one… I have so much life and FOXY business to catch up with now.


A foxy accident assistance service

Earlier this year we launched a female friendly accident assistance service for club members but I didn’t expect to be needing it myself.

That’s the thing about insurance and support services like FOXY Lady Drivers Club, breakdown recovery and/or accident assistance. Ideally you want to have them all, just in case, but you hope you won’t need them.

And the least understood of these is probably that of no fault accident management services yet they often provide a more caring and comprehensive accident support service than busy insurance companies who are inclined towards cost cutting to minimise claims costs for all. Which isn’t always fair, especially in circumstances like this.

My story is a simple one. Earlier this year I bought a BMW sports car for fun motoring. We called him Zoot – it’s a long story to do with ‘him’ being a Z model. Anyway I loved driving Zoot and expected to have him for many years to come…

Which is not now to be the case because last week, whilst having a short anniversary break in Kent, my husband and I were involved in an accident and Zoot is now ‘uneconomic to repair’…

My husband was driving along the A28 between Canterbury and Ashford when we saw a lady on the lefthand side of the road waiting to turn right, as it happens. I am sure she saw us and yet her car pulled out almost immediately in front of us with c20m to spare. We were probably doing c40-50mph and we were unable to avoid a collision. Both cars ended up on the opposite side of the road, without hitting any oncoming vehicles thank goodness.

Thank goodness too that nobody was killed or seriously injured. The lady in question was local and a grandmother; we know this because she was quickly joined by members of her family who had heard the crash. I think she might have suffered whiplash and her Ford was certainly badly damaged.

My husband was well enough to take photos which act as a stark reminder of events but also illustrate precisely what must have happened.

Whilst ambulance staff attended to us, the police completed the accident statements needed and my husband ended up sorting out the recovery of our car with a company the Police introduced.

My husband also contacted FOXY’s accident assistance service at this stage who were quick to organise a replacement car that arrived at our hotel the next morning. A valuation was carried out the next day and by Day 3 we’d received and agreed this. So far so good but this is now complicated because the other driver claims that we were indicating to turn left at her junction which is why she pulled out when she did…

I won’t comment about this here because if proof is needed (which it shouldn’t be when one is expected to drive safely) the car’s data will surely prove this. So this is where we are at. Stacey is our friendly and knowledgeable contact at our accident management service, and she is dealing with the hire car, valuation, our insurer and the progress of our claim. Very reassuring to have this support in such stressful circumstances…

So I’ll keep you posted.

Me? I’ve chipped my sternum (chest bone) from a combination of airbag and seat belt damage and have broken the base of my right thumb. Both involve painful and spectacular bruising so typing duties have had to be delegated and I’m off the road for a while…

Would I buy another BMW Zoot machine? You bet. The front of the car took the brunt of the impact but the cab remained intact and both doors opened. It could have been much, much worse.

But it was SO useful to have someone to phone for friendly support when we needed it most. Highly recommended and an important part of what FOXY is all about – for Club members and their family of course.

Find out more about FOXY Lady Drivers Club’s female friendly accident management service .