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One good deed deserves another

Well done Network Q for presenting Good Samaritan Janice Dunlop with a replacement Vauxhall Vectra after her previous model had its roof cut off in a cruel twist of fate.

Imagine the stress of this situation if you can…

Janice and her Vauxhall Vectra had just survived a potentially life threatening crash when an out-of-control lorry demolished two vehicles near hers.

She then sheltered two badly shaken survivors of the crash in her car who then reported serious signs of whiplash and neck pains.

Rather than move them on foot into a waiting ambulance, firemen took the decision to remove the roof of her Vectra making it easier for ambulance men to transfer them by stretcher into the waiting ambulance and to minimise the potential complications for these accident victims.

In these circumstances, with a clear cut guilty party to claim against and knowing that emergency services had taken this decision to effectively write her car off I find it almost unbelievable that Janice’s insurance company (whose name we don’t know at this stage) attempted to refuse liability leaving Janice considerably worse off for her charitable decision.

Fortunately our knight in shining armour ie Network Q has since ridden to Janice’s rescue, presenting her with a replacement Vectra hatchback at the Vauxhall Picador Chandlers Ford dealership in Southampton.

Let’s leave the last word to Janice here…

“I’m delighted with Network Q” said Janice.

“Our family loves Vauxhall cars and we’ve owned three Vectras, two Astras and one Cavalier to date but my last Vectra was the most reliable car I have ever driven.”

Plus a brief plug for Network Q – all their vehicles are inspected by trained Vauxhall technicians who check that the car is in good working order, is what it says and against the latest recall directories to make sure nothing that needs checking or replacing has been overlooked.

Launched in 1990, Network Q has sold over two million used cars to date.

Well done Network Q and Vauxhall Picador Southampton.


Foxy Ford offers special Spring car discounts

Whilst Toyota is taking one day at a time to cope with major quality and image problems, Ford is quick to present its special Spring car discounts of up to £5,000 for new car sales including many sporty Zetec models – many of these offers are bound to attract women drivers and their families.

Surely this is Ford’s opportunity to move back into the Number One position – it’s a known brand, these are good deals and anyone selling a Toyota might be tempted to change brands as things stand…

The following prices are for new car orders confirmed by March 31, bought via a participating Ford dealer,  registered by June 30 and subject to taking out a Ford Options deal (which may be worth taking even if you don’t need the finance).  Other sales offers in 2010 still stand, subject to terms and conditions and similarly guaranteed to the end of June.

The underlying message from Ford is clear – tell us what you want and we’ll be flexible. More flexible in March because the scrappage scheme* has been extended until the 31st but still flexible until the end of June.

NEW FORD PRICES (guidelines at least)

Model Spring Value Price Ford List Price
Ka Studio £7,995 £9,395
Ka Zetec £9,295 £10,895
Fiesta Zetec £11,495 £13,580
Fusion Zetec £11,495 £14,295
Focus Zetec £13,495 £18,280
C-MAX Zetec £14,795 £18,432
Kuga Titanium £20,995 £23,540
Mondeo Zetec £16,995 £20,526
S-MAX Zetec £18,495 £22,466
Galaxy Zetec £21,495 £26,145

*The scrappage discount of £2,000 also applies to these prices other than the Ka where the additional scrappage discount is reduced to £700.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Bracknell, Farnborough, Guildford or Wokingham visit FOXY Choice subscriber Inchcape Ford.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Southampton visit FOXY Choice subscriber Hendy group.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Cambridge visit FOXY Choice subscriber Marshall Ford.

If you are looking for a female friendly Ford car dealership in Scottish Border towns Peebles and Galashiels visit David Harrison.

A great female friendly garage choice in Southampton

A growing number of women are opening garages or getting involved in the way they are run. This is a good thing. As a recently appointed Women’s Business Ambassador in the South East I am keen to promote female business owners and entrepreneurs in the UK motor industry and to encourage more women to work in and set up garage and car dealership services in particular. This is the only way I can see this industry becoming genuinely more female friendly in future and to all round business benefit.

Fortunately women drivers have a choice of taking their car to a female friendly garage or car dealership in most areas in the UK. Why not see for yourself by searching for one near you at the FOXY Choice website.

Make yourself a cuppa and browse the different businesses near your postcode to compare services and amenities then email them and compare prices for your next car servicing. They have all signed the FOXY Promise© to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need or want’.