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Why women find Vauxhall Astra drivers appealing

astra_award_womenWe were interested to see which cars random females would like to see potential partners drive and what that tells us about them. So when we heard about a new survey carried out by VoucherCodesPro involving 2,787 single female respondents over 18, we wanted to know more…

… but would never have believed that the Vauxhall Astra would be the female choice of an attractive set of wheels (when driven by a good looking male we presume) with the majority stating that the car a prospective partner drives is likely to dictate whether their relationship has a future.

Why does the car he drives matter to women?

When asked why the car a potential partner drives matters, the top 5 results were as follows:

1.      A nice car is a sign of wealth/financial security – 56%
2.      Men with nice cars respect themselves, and women, more – 27%
3.      I can tell a man’s personality type by the kind of car he drives – 22%
4.      The kind of car a man drives reflects his maturity levels– 18%
5.      I love cars and like to be with a man who shares my passion – 11%

The same respondents were then asked to list the car they found the most attractive (for potential male partners to drive) as follows.

24% of respondents voted for the Vauxhall Astra
19% the BMW 1 Series
14% the Audi A3
11% the Land Rover Discover 4.

Finally, respondents were asked to reveal whether or not they had ever finished with a former partner because of their relationship with a car or their driving behaviour, with more than one in ten (12%) admitting that they had done so.

Clearly VoucherCodesPro George Charles was as surprised by the Vauxhall choice as stated.

“I would have expected the sports cars to come out on top of this study, but it shows that you don’t always have to splash out to get a car that could attract a future partner! The Vauxhall Astra may not be the most glamorous of cars, but may be more attractive than you think. Perhaps it shows to a woman that a man is stable and looking to settle down into a mature relationship?”

I wonder what his verdict would be about the 40% car-less Millennials today?

My personal opinion is that these results will depend on the sample of women as much as the choice of cars they were given to make these decisions.

And finally, the indisputable fact for me is that if Daniel Craig pulled up outside my house in a Renault Grand Scenic alongside Donald Trump in a Lambo I know which car I’d get in.

Hurrah – the thought of this happening has really lightened my mood on an otherwise dreary Budget day.