Ageas Solutions Centres - Tracey Chamberlain

Ageas Solutions Centres - Tracey Chamberlain

Last summer Ageas Insurance asked us to develop a FOXY Lady Approved scheme for their network of Accident Repair Centres, also known as Solutions Centres. During the development of this we met Tracey Chamberlain and knew that others would be as impressed as we were by her passion for her Motor Supplier Developer role working with Ageas Solutions Centres.

An interview with Tracey Chamberlain

What is your job title and what does this entail?

I am a Motor Supplier Developer and I work with Ageas Solutions Centres and Vehicle Manufacturer networks to help develop their businesses. This allows me to monitor their performance for Ageas and our customers and build those important business relationships in between.

What roles did you have before this one?

I have worked for a few insurance companies, starting at Guardian Royal Exchange (GRE) when I was 18, moving to Jardine Insurance Brokers and Cornhill Insurance.

In 1999 I joined Ageas Insurance as a Motor Claims Negotiator. After just two years I took on a brand new role working for Peter Millis, Claims Operations Manager – Vehicle Damage, in the Motor Engineers Team in an administrative capacity. I was then promoted to Team Leader where I was responsible for the recruitment and management of a new team set up to handle salvage disposal. Most recently I was promoted again to another new role and this is my current position, Motor Supplier Developer.

Can you describe a typical working day in the life of Tracey Chamberlain…

My working days vary a lot! I like the fact that no two days are the same. Most of my days are spent travelling to visit one of the 26 Solutions Centres I am responsible for. We have meetings to discuss performance and any developments within their business or at Ageas.

Other days are spent at my home office reporting back on meetings with repairers to the business, analysing statistics and focusing on how the network is performing for our customers.

I also spend time in office meetings, in training sessions and at industry events, representing Ageas.

What makes this such a good job for you?

I love working with the Solutions Centres and seeing their performance develop. I have been lucky enough to be on this journey with them since day one – I also enjoy the flexibility of having a different daily routine.

Why do you think Ageas Solutions Centres speak so highly of the Ageas operation?

That’s easy to answer! Because we provide them with our trust, commitment and support. We have kept to our word about how the network will operate and based on their feedback we appear to be very different from many other insurers. I think our repairers find it unique that they are dealing with people who trust them to get on with the job and that we’ll support them when they need it.

What advice would you give to young women looking for a career in insurance and in motor claims in particular?

I’d say think beyond insurance products and claims – there are lots of career opportunities at all levels and in different functions. We have a really strong workforce of ambitious and talented women in management roles at Ageas – it’s becoming much the same throughout the industry as I see it.

What advice would you give Accident Repair Centres (ARCs) looking to recruit women in their operation for the first time?

Gone are the days of the accident repair industry being dominated by men! The female workforce has a lot to offer, we’re increasingly gaining many different roles which were traditionally male orientated. I also believe that giving customers the choice of dealing with both male and female employees gives a sense of diversity and comfort.

Would you like to add any other comments with women in mind?

In my role I am so pleased to work with many women both in Ageas Insurance and within our network of Solutions Centres who are successful in what they do. I feel proud to represent Ageas from a different perspective knowing my role can often be male orientated.

Hear hear Tracey. We can see they like and respect you too. Your career development also reflects your ability, people skills, love of a challenge and commitment to the task in hand.

You are a great role model for other women considering a career in insurance and in a motoring-related role like this one.

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