Ideal Careers for Mums at UK Airports

Ideal Careers for Mums at UK Airports

Established in 1980, APH is a family owned and run business specialising in providing airport parking and airport hotels to UK travellers. In addition to its own car parks at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham airports, APH provides airport parking at all other major UK airports as well as Southampton and Dover Ports.

An equal opportunities employer, APH finds that many shift roles are particularly popular with women who enjoy the time off in-between patterns to enjoy family life to the full.

Here are some of the females who work for APH.


Raz is a single female who lives close to Gatwick. She works a 4 on, 4 off early shift pattern between 6am and 6pm. Getting up early is not a problem because she enjoys being busy and, believe it or not, 6am is a hectic time of day when it comes to journeys to and from airports. In fact Raz would rather work an early shift because her schedule means 4 days off in between so she has plenty of time to see her family, socialise and organise family life.

Raz’s family originate from Pakistan and she loves to return regularly to visit them. Raz’s hobbies include driving (as you’d expect), going to the theatre and listening to music.


Sam is a mum of 3 living in Crawley. She works nights as a receptionist for an off site car park serving Gatwick. She came from North London when she worked in the media and before that in accountancy. Her normal hours are 16 hours every 8 days, working a shift of 2 nights on and 6 off. Like Raz, Sam enjoys her job because she loves dealing with customers and the challenge of what each day brings. “The time flies by and no two days are ever the same.”

Sam chose to work nights to fit in with her partner’s work schedule and so they can save on childcare. It can be hard fitting in sleep during a typically busy and noisy day but she rests before the school run and then before her next shift.

“The advantage of working nights is I don’t miss out on any of the kids’ activities or milestones.” she explains.


Sarah works as a receptionist and is a single mum to two boys aged 14 and 11. She has worked for APH for nearly 10 years and is used to working night shifts by now on a pattern of 2 nights on, 6 off.

She recognises the challenges that night shifts represent but appreciates the benefits this brings.

“Just before my youngest was 3, my partner and I separated and I had to move 30 miles away from my place of work. Nowadays my daily commute means dropping the children off with their Dad en-route to my work, collecting them again in the morning at around 6.30am.

“I have looked into finding daytime work closer to home but if I did, I would need to work more days to earn the same. This would also mean me not being there for my children when they get home from school and not having as much time off with them during the school holidays. Yes, there is a downside to all this because occasionally I have to work at Christmas and New Year if it’s my turn.”

The reason Sarah continues to travel to and work at APH is simple.

“I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. I feel valued as a member of staff and I have job security which is important when you are a one parent family and have a mortgage. Working nights means the children get to stay with their dad two days each week which is important to us all. I have also never missed a school play or sports day as I am always available during the day even if this means missing an hour or two of sleep.”


Natalie has three grown up children but when they were young, she worked nights to share childcare with her husband. She then moved into the ‘meet and greet’ department where she now works days.

At the moment she works Monday – Friday but she also fills in on shifts, including nights, if the department is short staffed or requires last minute sickness cover.

When she does work late shifts, these can start at any time although 6pm and 10pm are the most common and busy starting times. Natalie loves horse riding and manages to fit this into her busy schedule whenever she can.


Sarah has two older children, aged 21 and 17. She has worked for APH for 20 years, working Monday to Fridays but also covering other shifts on demand.

Sometimes she starts at 4am in the morning when it’s cold and dark in the winter. Even so, she enjoys night shifts because the roads are not so busy then. She also finds it rewarding meeting so many different customers and helping them travel to and from the airport.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys mountain biking, skiing and family life.

NB: Whilst the photograph used does not feature all the females mentioned it does illustrate the fact that APH is a female friendly employer of choice and that many of their staff are women.

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