Romanni Booth sells cars at Eastbourne Motoring Centre

Romanni Booth sells cars at Eastbourne Motoring Centre

Romanni Booth works at Eastbourne Motoring Centre as a sales executive.

Knowing that so many car dealerships are keen to recruit talented females in THEIR car showrooms, we wanted to understand why and how Romanni opted for a sales challenge in a traditionally male environment.   

Please tell us about you and your attitude to motoring.

I wouldn’t say I’m a petrol head, but I do like to try out different cars to see how they handle and pick up speed!

I have always been into cars or as far back as I can remember but was finally given the opportunity of a role in car sales a little over a year ago.

What brought you into the automotive industry?

I have always been interested in cars and I wanted to challenge the ‘male dominated role’ myth. Learning all that I have done about cars has has also helped me with my knowledge when looking for a car myself.

Tell us about your job and why you like it

I get to meet new people all the time which means that no day is the same. I really enjoy being a part of someone’s car shopping experience because it’s such an important decision to most.

When I see a happy customer as a result of my efforts I feel a great sense of personal pride. Getting this rapport right means that they are more likely to tell their friends about our great customer service and help us spread the word about our fabulous cars!

What do your female customers particularly like about Eastbourne Motoring Centre?

I get a lot of comments from women saying how nice it is to have a female to speak to. Clearly some expect to feel more pressurised by men in the motor trade so it’s nice to make them feel relaxed about car shopping from the moment they walk into the showroom. Also I find that many females welcome a woman’s independent opinion, especially when it comes to car and upholstery colours!

Having said this, all our sales team are extremely friendly and approachable of course!

Can you recommend a career in the motor industry to other women and if so, why?

Certainly I can recommend a career in the automotive industry, not just because of the many different and exciting opportunities but also to help change the gender dynamics of this so-called ‘man’s world! It doesn’t have to be so male oriented and I have been made really welcome by my male colleagues. Why not follow my example and join in!

Given a choice of cars from the ones Eastbourne Motoring Centre sells, which one would you choose and why?

That’s easy. The Suzuki Vitara SZ5 or S does it for me because it drives so well and has a fantastic specification. All that you would need and more.. And don’t you think it looks like the front of a Range Rover Evoque? That’s an added bonus as I see it!

FOXY says: We’re great fans of the Vitara range as well. Especially at the exclusive discount prices Club members enjoy – not just off list prices but also off metallic paint options. As things stand, these Suzuki new car discounts range from just over £2100 to £3500 plus added metallic/dual tone paint discounts, depending on the model you choose.


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Here’s their FOXY Lady Approved garage entry.

Here’s their FOXY Lady Approved car sales entry.

And to enjoy FOXY Lady Drivers Club’s Suzuki discounts you’ll need to have been a Club member for three months before purchase so it makes sense to join the Club well in advance.

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