Tyre Safety Month Promotion #TSM17

Tyre Safety Month Promotion #TSM17

During Tyre Safety Month (October 2017) we are encouraging ladies to visit a FOXY Lady Approved garage or a FOXY Lady Approved tyre centre for a free tyre safety check.

If your tyres are legal, you can then claim a special online gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a TYRE SAFETY MONTH PROMOTION (terms apply as per application form).

See below why tyre care matters, tyre safety facts and why we are rewarding women who get their tyres checked during October 2016.

Why Tyre Care Really Matters

In a recent Tyresafe survey we’re told that more than 27% of people waited until their tyres were illegal before they replaced them. Often as a result of an MOT check.

Every year some 2 million cars fail their MoTs because of illegal ie dangerous tyres which they’ve been driving on, for as long as they were.

Based on these findings, something in the region of 10 million vehicles could be on our roads at any one time with unsafe and illegal tyres fitted.

That’s a frightening thought…

Finally, if you need any proof of the link between dangerous tyres and serious accidents consider this. That during the last five years the significant factor in 36% of accidents where someone was either killed or seriously injured was TYRES.

FOXY Rewards Women For Tyre Safety Checks

FOXY Founder Steph Savill spoke up at a tyre safety conference a few years ago, after hearing an undercurrent of criticism about women drivers not knowing enough about tyre safety.

Having questioned the evidence about gender differences here she was sent research from a road safety project in Bedfordshire which demonstrated that TOO MANY women seemed to be unaware that safe tyres need a tread of more than 1.6mm across the road loading part of their car tyres.

Or that tyres need checking regularly – once a month is best practice (unless you are a long distance driver) AND again before any one-off long journeys.

So our tyre check reward is all about encouraging MORE women than before to get their tyres checked, join FOXY for free, learn more about this subject and others to do with safety. As a result we hope women will become safer drivers, benefit through reduced FOXY Lady Insurance premiums and help us spread the word to the family influencers.

The way this all works, FOXY Lady Drivers Club is operated on a not for profit basis but it’s sponsored by FOXY Lady Approved garages and dealers who meet our quality and female friendly standards, ahead of others.

They have all signed our FOXY Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need’.

In the tyre industry, that’s a start, because many of the big groups don’t seem able to sign this promise – possibly because they incentivise their staff to sell us products and services we don’t need!

Where the tyre safety buck stops

Many women tell us their husband checks their tyres.

We hope he does. But if he doesn’t and she had an accident because he didn’t, whose fault would that be?

And if she didn’t know about this topic (as many seem to tell us), would that be her fault or simply the fact that nobody told her she should know any better?

Perhaps this is one area where FOXY can help you?

Buy the best car tyres you can afford

A few years ago FOXY Steph was invited to test tyres at a circuit in Germany owned by Continental Tyres. These tests included premium and economy tyres with different tread levels, of which the minimum tread was the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Steph quickly learned which tyres were the safest and resolved to buy the best tyres she could afford – at 3mm not the legal 1.6mm tread limit. This difference is less than half the thickness of a credit card so we’re talking minute detail here.

How I wish this educational opportunity re tyre safety were available to more women drivers.

So this is another reason why I feel the need to keep on making this point and why FOXY is supporting Tyre Safety Month. We also feel sympathy with the good guys in the tyre industry who send us scary photos of the tyres they’ve seen and failed in a MOT test. Point taken guys.

Tyre Safety Facts

Consider these tyre safety facts please.

You could be fined £2500 per illegal/dangerous tyre AND 3 licence points EACH.

+ When your tyres are brand new they have 8mm tread.
+ When they have 3mm tread (that I go shopping at) they are about 80% worn.
+ When they have 1.6mm tread they are worn out and illegal ie potentially dangerous particularly in the wet…

All this matters because, if you were involved in an accident and someone was hurt (or worse) because of YOUR tyre neglect, who could you blame but yourself? And could you live with your blame?

So no more comments like ‘My partner looks after my tyres for me’ or ‘All I do is put fuel in it’ from any motorist, male or female please. Because the vehicle owner and driver are responsible for the condition of the car they drive.


If you’re reading this and are thinking about someone out there who could do with some enlightenment in this area … if they’re female, suggest they join the Club. If they’re male, suggest they bookmark a few FOXY blogs about this subject.

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