Emergency breakdown cover

Emergency breakdown cover

Here is some useful advice if you are buying breakdown cover.

1) Decide whether you need ‘Vehicle’ or ‘Personal’ cover.

Personal based cover covers you whatever car you are in, whether as a driver or passenger. It’s more flexible than vehicle based cover and can be more reassuring.

Vehicle based cover is sometimes cheaper and entitles you to specific car cover regardless of who is driving. This can be an economical option if you only ever travel in your own car or share it with a partner.

2) Choose the cover level to suit you

Roadside assistance

This is the most basic level where you have your car fixed by the roadside or towed to the nearest garage for repair. Free labour (usually for up to 60 minutes) is normally included although you should expect to pay for replacement parts. Roadside assistance policies tend to restrict cover to a minimum distance away from your home (so they can sell Homestart as an extra).

Vehicle recovery

Recovery packages will normally include roadside assistance. If your car can’t be fixed by the side of the road, you, your car and usually up to 7 passengers will be transported to a single destination of your choice anywhere in the UK. A FOXY approved female friendly garage via www.foxychoice.com ideally. Specify children’s car seats in advance where needed.

Home start

This level of protection covers you whether your car breaks down at home or on the road. This can be very handy when your car gives up the ghost in your drive one wintery morning. Usually the battery, it’s comforting to know you can call on someone to get you started.

Onward travel

Onward travel policies tend to be the most comprehensive ie expensive ones. They’ll usually include the cost of accommodation or a hire car while your vehicle is being repaired. The sort of cover pessimists need or when you know your car is on its last legs we imagine.

European cover

If you expect to take your car to Europe during the year, it might make sense to include this. This cover is usually either a standard feature offering ‘all year’ cover or for a ‘single trip’ to suit. You can expect a 24 hour English speaking helpline, vehicle recovery to the UK if necessary and emergency roadside assistance from a local garage.

When you’ve decided what you want, look at the offers. In May 2019 AutoAid is one of the best value including Homestart and Green Flag promises to discount expensive AA and RAC renewal rates. Always subject to terms and conditions of course. NB: Some try to recoup their initial discounts at renewal time so don’t fall into that Auto-Renewal trap.

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