Meet the Motor Claim Guru

Meet the Motor Claim Guru

The Motor Claim Guru (MCG) is a FOXY Lady Approved partner, here to help Club members deal with a motoring claim dispute.

Motor Claim Guru is Tim Kelly and members can ask for his advice for free (see contact details below) in an insurer dispute about any accident repair claim.

The Motor Claim Guru shares FOXY values, having a passion for consumers and their rights. Not only is Tim concerned by the poor service some policy holders receive at the hand of some insurers but he also knows how shoddy car repairs can cause accidents and could/have cost lives.

Tim is a member of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), a member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) and a Certified Automotive Engineer (CAE). He has expert knowledge of the insurance claims process from start to finish as well as the law relating to it and is also recognised in Court as a qualified and experienced professional witness who can act on your behalf. As such he brings this inside knowledge and experience to benefit those motorists who know to contact him.

Tim believes that ‘engineers’ should work for the benefit of the car owner and is uneasy seeing instances when the ‘engineering profession’ is used by Insurers to satisfy their own cost saving ends. He describes this as poor practice. A good example of this is when an accident repair is done cheaply rather than properly. In certain instances a poorly repaired car has later been involved in a further accident as a direct result of an incompetent or penny-pinched repair.

Anyone who has felt unfairly treated by insurers in such circumstances, after paying hefty premiums for years, will understand why this service is needed and how valuable it can be.

How the Motor Claim Guru Helps Club Members

Club members can contact Tim for advice, to include incidents concerning their family too. They might even want to instruct Tim to deal with their accident repair from the outset. In this way MCG deals with the Insurer to agree repair costs.

Remember that the insurer has contractually agreed to put their customer back in the situation they were in prior to the accident. So, when you instruct MCG direct the emphasis is placed on the quality of the repair not just the cost. That means you are entitled to compensation for the full loss incurred as a result of the accident, whether it was your fault or not, including the right to have your vehicle repaired where you wish*.

MCG has had many successes with the Financial Ombudsman Service and has a fast growing fan club of satisfied customers.

*If you need advice about the best qualified local accident repairer, members can ask FOXY for a second opinion.

How to contact the Motor Claim Guru

Contact Tim via the contact form at his website – in this way he keeps his costs down by providing initial advice online. Be sure to mention that you are a FOXY member for VIP follow up treatment where appropriate.

MCG website
MCG at Twitter @MotorClaimGuru

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