How To Improve Staff Loyalty and Retention

How To Improve Staff Loyalty and Retention

With input from HR & Reward professionals and employees, a recent Thomsons Online Benefits White Paper suggests that UK employers should review their benefits schemes to meet today’s employee needs.

This research suggests that many employers are struggling to transform previous approaches to benefits so they might fully support workers’ financial, physical and mental wellness needs – all priority issues today.

Apparently those market-leading organisations that are putting a creative package together including wellness and support services are finding it easier to attract and retain staff.

Ways to improve employee engagement

If your employees are engaged in a benefits scheme they are more likely to be loyal and appreciative giving good employers the competitive edge over others.

Find out more about HR strategies and new services to support wellness initiatives by downloading Thomson’s White Paper about this here

Caring Benefits for Female Employees

If you’d like to be seen to support female staff in future, why not talk to FOXY Lady Drivers Club about a bolt-on caring benefit service designed to help responsible employers fulfil their duty of care towards all female vehicle drivers. Traditionally designed for female ‘grey fleet’ drivers who use their cars to travel to and from work, many benefits complement in-house fleet-related services too.

Low cost club benefits include a unique range of bespoke services designed to benefit the employer and employee in equal measure by supporting them both, no matter their motoring needs.

In addition to helping women drivers run safer and more reliable cars, saving their valuable time, FOXY also provides independent advice, relevant information and support services when motoring gets stressful. During the course of their FOXY membership, employees become better informed about critical motoring issues such as the need for regular car maintenance, trustworthy garages and tyre safety checks.

Find out about FOXY’s Staff Benefit scheme options here.

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