Top 5 worst cars for breakdown and repairs

Top 5 worst cars for breakdown and repairs

There’s nothing worse than receiving an unexpected repair bill. Best4 Warranty has created the nightmare car with data from the most popular vehicle claims to help you and our customers prepare for the unexpected.

To show you what Best4’s nightmare car would look like, we’ve compiled the top 5 reoccuring and costly vehicles to fix into one car – and yes it’s as ugly as it is unreliable.

Time to name and shame…

Best4 Warranty most unreliable and costly vehicles to fix: **

1. Land Rover Discovery – Air Suspension Compressor
2. Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Door locks
3. Audi A3 Sport – Engine
4. Land Rover Freelander – Differential
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee – Electrics

Don’t get surprised (or expect in the nightmare cars case) with a costly repair bill. Protect your car with a Best4 Warranty. Visit their website and get your no-obligation quote today!

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