Three models to consider when choosing an electric car

Three models to consider when choosing an electric car

Electric Cars

In an attempt to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions significantly, the UK government has banned fossil fuel-powered vehicles from being sold anywhere in the country by 2030. The government is relying on more and more people to help get the UK to meet its net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050, and one way of achieving this is through electric vehicles.

Although some people have already begun making the switch to electric cars over petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, we still need more people to convert to electric cars to see the carbon emission numbers drop.
However, if you have never owned or considered an electric car before, you may not be aware of which models are currently the best in the market. Luckily, LeaseCar UK has put together a list of the most sought-after electric cars you can get right now for their latest campaign, #EVTopTrumps.

Comparing the different electric vehicles in the style of ‘Top Trumps’, LeaseCar UK also created a survey to help uncover the UK’s favourite electric car model. Let’s take a look at which one came out on top.

Hyundai Ioniq
The Hyundai Ioniq scored an impressive five out of five when it came to value for money. Compared with some of the other electric car models, the Hyundai Ioniq fought off the competition with its quick charging time of 370 minutes and its battery capacity of 38.3 kWh. When looking for a decent electric vehicle, battery capacity and charging time are two crucial factors you need to consider. It’s no wonder 26 percent of respondents rated this model highly.

Nissan Leaf
Another popular choice amongst those surveyed was the Nissan Leaf which received a four out of five rating when it came to value for money. Although the battery capacity and charging time aren’t as good as the Hyundai Ioniq, the Nissan Leaf does score high in the aesthetics category, which could be why 22 percent of respondents would opt for this electric car. The Nissan Leaf can charge in 450 minutes and has a battery capacity of 40 kWh.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla is one of the more well-known electric car brands, but has it got people talking because of its incredible features or its CEO and founder Elon Musk being constantly in the news? We can tell you that the Model 3 received a rating of one out of five for value for money which is pretty disappointing. It’s not all gloom, though, as the Model 3 does have a max range of 267 miles and a horsepower of 245 bhp. The low rating wasn’t enough to put off a quarter of respondents, who would still happily choose this as their electric car choice.

The takeaway
Although 2030 may seem quite a way off, it’s less than nine years away, and if the UK is to meet its target of stopping fossil fuel-powered cars from being sold and on UK roads, we need to start looking more into electric vehicles now. The more we research into what makes an electric vehicle stand out and the features that we should be looking for, the more we are likely to help reduce carbon emissions.

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